Definition of chintzy in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈtʃɪn(t)si/

adjective (chintzier, chintziest)

1British Of, like, or decorated with chintz: a pretty, chintzy fabric
More example sentences
  • Mr Bevans said unlike country house hotels that favour traditional chintzy fabrics, he was keen to keep a contemporary style and the refurbished guest rooms are decorated in subtle, muted tones.
  • Suite 28a of The Beverly Hills Hotel looks like the Hollywood Dream incarnate: chintzy, wonderfully fragrant, and stacked with every feature and fitting imaginable.
  • Florals are just as adaptable, ranging from retro-flavoured patterns - think chintzy 1940s tea rooms - to bold blooms and dainty petals.
1.1Brightly colourful but gaudy and tasteless.
Example sentences
  • I didn't recall those cartoons as being wonderful but I also didn't recall them being quite that chintzy.
  • Chic wineries are springing up in western Loudoun, and Rosenstrauch is hoping to capitalize on what he calls ‘entertainment farming’ - chintzy farmers markets for the city folk from out East.
  • This sort of thing can be cloyingly precious, self-indulgently gay, and, in its Freudian undertones and chintzy neo-Victorianism, very 1950s.
2North American informal Cheap and of poor quality: a chintzy amateur lens
More example sentences
  • But if the e-tailer goes chintzy or cheap, there will be trouble.
  • The rest of the effects look chintzy and cheap, a vast difference from the sprawling look of the first movie.
  • Count to ten; here comes Gnat, now wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap, backwards, with some chintzy plastic bling around her next, a Nerf gun in her hand.
2.1Miserly; mean: a chintzy salary increase
More example sentences
  • As it is, the money is already pretty chintzy: $2 per person, in crisp one dollar bills, with the unpaid promise that you're helping to program radio stations in your area.
  • Only, the money pledged seems a little chintzy, given the needs, and the precedents.
  • In the U.S., small usually means chintzy so I didn't expect much.



Example sentences
  • Even an American is included: Winslow Homer, rather chintzily represented by two wood engravings from Harper's Weekly: one depicting a Parisian ball; the other, students copying paintings at the Louvre.
  • It actually becomes a truly chilling, beyond-twisted junk film that never ceases to amaze in its chintzily charming, visually inspired, and honestly whorish way.
  • I find it easy to believe that the sisters’ small French town looked something like this, and that the houses they worked in felt this chintzily dull and gray.


Example sentences
  • Welles' performance as the towering, regal Arkadin - complete with a wobbly Russian accent - is just one grandiose element that obscures the relative chintziness of the production.
  • There's a sort of chintziness of spirit at work there.
  • To me, this smacks of total chintziness, and lack of prioritizing.

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