Definition of chip in or chip something in in English:

chip in (or chip something in)

1Contribute something as one’s share of a joint activity, cost, etc. Rollie chipped in with nine saves and five wins the council will chip in a further £30,000 a year
More example sentences
  • Enough revenue was chipped in, so to speak, to allow him to open a new restaurant on Second Avenue, where the food wasn't as sublime as its inspiration but was far more affordable.
  • Old songwriting hand Tom Morgan chips in, so does Ben Lee with two beauties, and Jellyfish's Jon Brion not only co-produces but co-writes five tracks.
  • Do it now and don't forget to fill out a gift aid declaration so that Uncle Gordon Brown chips in and increases your donation by 28%.
contribute, donate, give, make a contribution/donation, hand over, pay;
club together
informal fork out, shell out, lay out, come across with, cough up
British informal stump up, have a whip-round
North American informal kick in, pony up
2 informal Make an interjection: [with direct speech]: ‘He’s right,’ Gloria chipped in
More example sentences
  • Geoff chips in: ‘By the eighth day we had almost given up hope and would have settled for just a phone call to let us know she was safe and being well cared for.’
  • That thought seems to have occurred to his daughter as well: ‘I wouldn't enjoy playing the game that I love for money,’ she chips in.
  • His pal, a farmer's son, chips in, ‘Not as serious now, though, is it?’
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