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Line breaks: chop|per
Pronunciation: /ˈtʃɒpə


  • 1A short axe with a large blade.
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    • The word is also often applied to a fire engine, equipped with a number of burly men wielding choppers.
    • They could make simple stone axes and choppers, and had brains about two-thirds the size of ours.
    • The stone tools found with the hominid remains at Dmanisi, however, are simple choppers and scrapers similar to the Oldowan set found in the Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.
  • 1.1A butcher’s cleaver: a meat chopper
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    • I had to use this giant chopper that weighed a ton and was already dull before I even struck the meat.
    • The handheld blender and chopper are used every day.
    • Why are you using the huge chopper to cut cloves?
  • 1.2A machine for chopping something: a straw chopper
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    • You can hear the snip snip snip of wheat and the chopper throwing the straw out.
    • Craton is apparently not alone in thinking the choppers chopped far too much wood.
    • Its forks were shorter than a usual chopper, but had a greater angle of rake.
  • 1.3A device for regularly interrupting an electric current or a beam of light or particles.
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    • It was a modified television vidicon tube with a TGS target, electron beam readout, a germanium lens, and a light chopper.
    • The data on all the pixels obtained by a CCD at one exposure are read while using a light chopper, and the data on the odd lines are stored in a first memory and the data on the even lines are stored in a second memory.
    • The beam line will consist of neutron guides, choppers, secondary shutters and shielding, along with the necessary utilities and safety and radiation protection equipment.
  • 1.4 (choppers) • informal Teeth: he flashes his choppers back at me
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    • The Sonicare cleans your choppers with sound waves that produce 31,000 brush strokes per minute.
    • A standard set of 16 veneers over dingy old teeth, and the homely are transformed with instant white choppers.
    • You're not a bad person for finding comfort in thumb-sucking, but you are permanently damaging your choppers.
  • 2 informal A helicopter: fog had delayed the landing of his chopper
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    • Great North Air Ambulance paramedic John Kerr said that although conditions on the helicopter were cramped, the chopper's small size meant that it could land on a piece of ground the size of a tennis court.
    • After a half-day's delay, the choppers returned to Kulis.
    • Several Ranger and Delta elements of the attack force immediately secured the area around the chopper.
  • 3 informal A type of motorcycle with high handlebars and the front-wheel fork extended forwards.
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    • I also wonder why the police don't take a little more interest in the crazy foreigners who rent the huge chopper style motorcycles and who use the road as a drag strip.
    • The father-of-three was fascinated by choppers, the low seated motorcycles made famous in the film Easy Rider, since being a teenager.
    • The games, to be published under the Activision Value Brand, will draw inspiration from the show's depiction of a father and son who build chopper motorcycles in their garage.
  • 4British vulgar slang A man’s penis.

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