There are 2 main definitions of chunk in English:

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chunk 1

Line breaks: chunk
Pronunciation: /tʃʌŋk/


1A thick, solid piece of something: huge chunks of masonry littered the street
More example sentences
  • The pieces of rabbit were brown and almost crispy on the outside, encasing solid chunks of nicely roasted meat.
  • The salad was a sad little remnant of a 1980s salad made mostly of iceberg lettuce, thick chunks of onion and thicker chunks of cucumber.
  • The thick meaty sauce with chunks of beef and pork was delicious.
lump, hunk, wedge, block, slab, square, nugget, nub, brick, cube, bar, cake, loaf;
knob, ball;
piece, portion, bit;
informal wodge
North American informal gob
1.1 [in singular] A significant amount of something: she invested a chunk of her inheritance in the stock market
More example sentences
  • Michael has given them a chunk of capital amounting to about £500,000 between them.
  • The advent of the private finance initiative has made trust managements even more conscious of the need to keep a lid on pay, because a chunk of their budget goes to the companies that build and maintain the buildings.
  • Even before households decide what to do with their federal tax breaks, cash-strapped states and localities are claiming a chunk of that change.
1.2 Computing A section of information or data.
Example sentences
  • In fact, you can register with the OS a chunk of code to handle a given interrupt.
  • First, it reduces the amount of maintenance by removing a significant chunk of code.
  • The actual data in the files is not too complicated, because each file is a series of 'chunks'.


[with object] Back to top  
1North American Divide (something) into chunks: chunk four pounds of pears
More example sentences
  • An equilibrium culture was obtained by chunking a block of agar containing worms from an old plate onto a new plate seeded with bacteria once every 3-4 days over a period of 1 month.
  • Start with 2 cups of sliced or chunked firm radishes.
  • In addition to chunking time, historians also need to chunk space, focusing on specific areas of the world as well as on specific periods.
1.1 informal Throw (something): chunk a piece of wood on the fire, will you?
More example sentences
  • I took the clothes out of the new washer and chunked them in the dryer.
  • A bolder group of four students drove downtown and chunked a brick through his gun shop window.
  • I wonder if she'd notice if I chunked this at her!
2(In psychology or linguistic analysis) group together (connected items or words) so that they can be stored or processed as single concepts: pupils are able to chunk phrases or propositions into units (as noun chunking) the chunking of information
More example sentences
  • Information that is chunked and linked is easier to remember, and to learn with songs and patterns.
  • He obviously couldn't chunk even Spanish words into pronounceable blocks.
  • George Miller, a pioneer in the study of cognitive psychology and memory, suggested that this ‘something more’ often consists of the process of chunking.
2.1 Computing Divide (data) into separate sections: to prepare hypertext, information is chunked into small, manageable units
More example sentences
  • For large files, the web service requires "chunking" of data over the wire.
  • First up, a buffer overflow involving chunked encoding with the ASP (Active Server Page) ISAPI filter.
  • Version 1.0.3 fixes a problem that would have occurred with image resources transferred using chunked encoding.


Late 17th century: apparently an alteration of chuck3.

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Definition of chunk in:
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There are 2 main definitions of chunk in English:

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chunk 2 Line breaks: chunk
Pronunciation: /tʃʌŋk/


[no object] chiefly North American
Move with or make a muffled, metallic sound: the door chunked behind them
More example sentences
  • I wasn't used to the heavy shoes and this became evident when my leg flew out sideways and chunked into a young lady's shin.
  • The waterwheel distantly chunked and gurgled.
  • The door chunked behind them.


Late 19th century: imitative.

Definition of chunk in:
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