Definition of clergyman in English:


Line breaks: clergy|man
Pronunciation: /ˈkləːdʒɪmən

noun (plural clergymen)

A male priest, minister, or religious leader, especially a Christian one.
More example sentences
  • Stratford clergymen solemnized three marriages in February.
  • There was once a time in America when all its writers seemed to be clergymen.
  • Two of the survivors were Christian clergymen, who underscore through their actions that Christian love and sacrifice are very important for many.
priest, churchman, churchwoman, man/woman of the cloth, man/woman of God, cleric, minister, preacher, chaplain, father;
Christianity bishop, pastor, vicar, rector, parson, (assistant) curate, deacon, deaconess;
Judaism rabbi;
Islam imam;
Scottish kirkman;
Frenchabbé, curé;
North American dominie
Australian informal josser
informal , derogatory Bible-basher, God-botherer

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