Definition of climb down in English:

climb down

British Withdraw from a position taken up in argument or negotiation: he was forced to climb down over the central package in the bill
More example sentences
  • Diageo stuck to its guns for a while but climbed down after being overwhelmed by the strength of opposition.
  • The protest ended peacefully after about an hour when the activists climbed down.
  • Some in the City believe HSH, not Barclays, will eventually have to climb down.
back down, admit defeat, concede defeat, surrender, capitulate, yield, give in/up, give way, cave in, submit; retreat, backtrack, back-pedal; admit that one is wrong, retract one's words, eat one's words, eat humble pie; do a U-turn, do an about-face, row back, shift one's ground, sing a different song, have second thoughts; Britishdo an about-turn
North American informal eat crow
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