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Pronunciation: /kəmˈpəʊnənt/


1A part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle: an assembly plant for imported components hydrogen is a component of all organic compounds
More example sentences
  • The internal combustion engine is an integral component of a vehicle and one that baffles many people.
  • It works because this record has a soul which welds its soiled components into a perfect whole.
  • If any one of these components fail, the whole system fails, certainly in an agricultural context.
part, piece, bit, constituent, element, ingredient;
unit, module, item;
section, portion
rare integrant
1.1Each of two or more forces, velocities, or other vectors acting in different directions which are together equivalent to a given vector: he resolved the motion into horizontal and vertical components
More example sentences
  • Suppose that the vertical component of the force on the ground is constant and equal to amg.
  • Harriot resolved the forces acting on the projectile into horizontal and vertical components.
  • This in turn, because of the layout of the drive, would have imparted an upward component to the force of the car on the gate.


Constituting part of a larger whole; constituent: the component elements of the armed forces
More example sentences
  • But whenever you analyse performance in sport, you will find a whole heap of component parts.
  • The Russian entrepreneurs constitute a component part of the world capitalist elite.
  • The walls consist of component paintings arranged in a grid pattern that forms a whole.
constituent, integral;
basic, essential, intrinsic
rare integrant



(also componentise) verb
Example sentences
  • Like everything else, music is becoming more componentised.
  • Maybe we're getting this all wrong - maybe we shouldn't be looking at the products we make and trying to componentise them still further.
  • And we are headed in 2005 for interoperable standards built around componentized DRM, which facilitate new business models that are more offensive and less defensive.


Mid 17th century: from Latin component- 'putting together', from the verb componere, from com- 'together' + ponere 'put'. Compare with compound1.

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