Definition of conformable in English:

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Pronunciation: /kənˈfɔːməb(ə)l/


(usually conformable to)
1(Of a person) disposed or accustomed to conform to what is acceptable: personalities conformable to the ambient level of cultural evolution
More example sentences
  • Highly conformable to the patient's body these dressings adhere well to high-friction areas, such as the sacrum and heels.
  • The insert is latex-free and consists of a narrow silicone tube that is completely encapsulated by a soft, conformable, fluid-filled sleeve.
  • A conformable sensor makes it possible to measure pressure and touch in places not previously possible, such as on the curved surfaces of the human body.
1.1Similar in form or nature; consistent: the human adoption of practices which are conformable to biological constraints
More example sentences
  • It cannot ‘be buried, because Distributism is a system conformable to the needs of man and his nature.’
  • A conformable policy measure is one that is consistent with those principles, while a non-conformable policy measure is one that clashes with them.
  • One of the criteria for the selection of undertakers and tenants was that they be conformable in religion.
1.2 Geology (Of strata in contact) deposited in a continuous sequence, and having the same direction of stratification.
Example sentences
  • After this, a process of denudation forms a thick sequence of overlying conformable clastic deposits, which contain large amounts of heavy minerals in low concentrations.
  • Seismic data used in this study indicate that the Lower Flora Sandstone is conformable with the underlying strata.
  • Deposited sediments are conformable on top of those of the South Bashkirian Basin.



Pronunciation: /kənfɔːməˈbɪləti/
Example sentences
  • ‘This imparts bidirectional tearing properties and increases the tape's conformability,’ he says.
  • In the absence of market conformability, it seems plausible to think that legislation will increase the variability in the residue-deviation gaps that are present within a society.
  • But it's arguable that science also requires faith, faith in the future progress of knowledge, and in the ultimate openness and conformability of the universe to the human intellect.


Pronunciation: /kənˈfɔːməbli/
Example sentences
  • The ‘platy limestone’ unit overlies, apparently conformably, a cliff-forming unit of interbedded limestone and chert with occasional flat-pebble conglomerates.
  • That is, there might well be a distinction between the way the common law defence develops, conformably with the Constitution, and the strict limitations on the necessary implication from the Constitution.
  • One, who in our climate, should expect better weather in any week of June than in one of December, would reason justly, and conformably to experience; but it is certain, that he may happen, in the event, to find himself mistaken.


Late 15th century (in the sense 'compliant (to) or tractable'): from medieval Latin conformabilis, from Latin conformare 'to form, fashion' (see conform).

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