Definition of confused in English:

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Pronunciation: /kənˈfjuːzd/


1(Of a person) unable to think clearly; bewildered: she was utterly confused about what had happened
More example sentences
  • And they are clearly confused about who has the burden of proof.
  • Yet, he is not confused about animals and speaks very clearly about the panther, deer and their characteristics.
  • People are really confused about the whole thing.
demented, bewildered, muddled, addled, befuddled, disoriented, disorientated, (all) at sea, unbalanced, unhinged, senile, with Alzheimer's disease
vague, unclear, indistinct, imprecise, blurred, nebulous, hazy, woolly, foggy, shadowy, dim, imperfect, sketchy, obscure, remote
1.1Showing bewilderment: a confused expression crossed her face
More example sentences
  • She nearly screamed, causing him to set the stick aside and blink at her, a confused expression crossing his face, giving him a boyish appearance.
  • A look of surprise crossed Evan's face, forming into a confused expression.
  • We like nothing more than seeing the confused expression on tourists' faces when we offer them two national flags, each purporting to represent Scotland.
bewildered, bemused, puzzled, perplexed, baffled, stumped, mystified, stupefied, nonplussed, muddled, befuddled, fuddled, dumbfounded, at sea, at a loss, at sixes and sevens, thrown (off balance), taken aback, disoriented, disconcerted, discomposed, troubled, discomfited, unnerved, shaken, shaken up, dazed, stunned, astonished, astounded
informal flummoxed, bamboozled, discombobulated, clueless, fazed, floored, beaten
Canadian & Australian/New Zealand informal bushed
archaic wildered, mazed, distracted
1.2Not in possession of all one’s mental faculties, especially because of old age: interviewing confused old people does take longer
More example sentences
  • She says that putting elderly stroke patients on wards where there are mentally confused older people is causing them distress.
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother and her confused mental state.
  • The spiritual leader of a billion Catholics is now an ailing and confused old man, who may even be suffering from paranoia and psychosis caused by his Parkinson's disease.
2Lacking order and so difficult to understand: the confused information supplied by authorities reports about the incident were rather confused
More example sentences
  • His attack the next day, and poor communications and confused orders left the New Zealand Division isolated and 10th Corps surrounded.
  • Our relationship was, at times, more than a little difficult and confused.
  • Once a fateful decision has been taken, an open mind becomes a luxury because any reappraisal may result in confused orders and demoralization.
chaotic, muddled, jumbled, unclear, untidy, disordered, disorderly, disarranged, out of order, disorganized, upset, topsy-turvy, at sixes and sevens
informal higgledy-piggledy
2.1Lacking clear distinction of elements; jumbled: the sound of a sort of confused hammering and shouting
More example sentences
  • Time becomes a confused jumble that Dana somehow traverses.
  • As he held her hands, images tumbled into her mind, a confused jumble.
  • All my feelings were confused and jumbled up inside of me, and I could not focus on any one thought.
disorderly, disordered, disorganized, disarranged, in disarray, out of order, out of place, untidy, muddled, jumbled, in a jumble, in a mess, mixed up, chaotic, upset, haywire, upside-down, topsy-turvy, at sixes and sevens
informal higgledy-piggledy, every which way
British informal shambolic, like a dog's dinner/breakfast



Pronunciation: /kənˈfjuːzədli/
Example sentences
  • I thought of the necessarily impersonal flurry of activity around the woman's window as she confusedly watched a now very small world go by.
  • There was a veritable rash of young white guys, running confusedly around the electorate brandishing postcards.
  • He blinked confusedly, stood up, pulled the grass out of his hair, straightened his tie and cleared his throat.

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