Definition of crucify in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈkruːsɪfʌɪ/

verb (crucifies, crucifying, crucified)

[with object]
1Put (someone) to death by nailing or binding them to a cross, especially as an ancient punishment: two thieves were crucified with Jesus
More example sentences
  • Now it is well known, both from remains of victims of crucifixion and from cadaver experiments, that people were not crucified with nails through the palms.
  • Christian tradition records that Andrew was crucified on an x-shaped cross.
  • Some may think that Jesus' allusion to picking up our cross daily is an anachronism since he had not yet been crucified, but the cross was already well-known to the Jews as a hated Roman instrument of execution.
nail to a cross, hang on a cross;
execute, put to death, kill, martyr
1.1Cause anguish to (someone): she’d been crucified by his departure
More example sentences
  • He was crucifying people who were recently widowed in a most horrific way, people who were still in the grips of devastation.
devastate, crush, shatter, hurt deeply, wound, pain, distress, harrow, agonize, mortify, torment, torture;
cause agony to, cause suffering to, cause pain to, inflict anguish on
2 informal Criticize (someone) severely and unrelentingly: our fans would crucify us if we lost
More example sentences
  • Lest I be crucified by fans of the series, I get why his character is that way.
  • Critical feedback isn't some vicious plot concocted to crucify you - it can be used constructively.
  • In a major performance in 1983 in a prominent American city, the critic reviewing the concert crucified the entire recital.
condemn, criticize severely, attack, tear apart, tear to pieces, censure, denounce, arraign, lambaste, pillory, carp at, cavil at, rail against, inveigh against, cast aspersions on, pour scorn on, disparage, denigrate, deprecate, malign, revile, vilify, besmirch, run down, give a bad press to;
North American  slur
informal knock, pan, slam, hammer, blast, bad-mouth, nitpick about, throw brickbats at, give flak to, lay into, lace into, pull to pieces, pull apart, pick holes in, hit out at, maul, savage, roast, skewer
British informal slag off, have a go at, give some stick to, slate, rubbish, monster
North American informal pummel, cut up, trash
Australian/New Zealand informal bag
dated rate
archaic slash, vituperate against, reprobate



Pronunciation: /ˈkruːsɪfʌɪə/
Example sentences
  • As the world's other empires have collapsed, the structures have stood out ever more clearly for what they are: the vestigial remnants, not of the crucified, but of the crucifiers.
  • Incidentally, who knew the Greeks were crucifiers?
  • He argues that the crucifiers of Christ were not evil in crucifying Jesus.


Middle English: from Old French crucifier, from late Latin crucifigere, from Latin crux, cruc- 'cross' + figere 'fix'. Compare with crucifix.

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