There are 2 main definitions of cut out in English:

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cut out 1

1(Of a motor or engine) suddenly stop operating: both the lifeboat’s engines cut out at times as they hit the seabed
More example sentences
  • Dilger said that he could remember little of the accident, only that his engine had cut out and that the brakes had failed.
  • Most probably because of electrical problems, the engine then started cutting out.
  • Now, what happens when the engine cuts out at altitude?
stop working, cease to function, stop, fail, give out;
informal die, give up the ghost, conk out, go on the blink, go kaput
British informal pack up
2North American informal (Of a person) leave quickly, especially so as to avoid a boring or awkward situation: she was working her way toward the door and when no one was watching, she cut out
More example sentences
  • Bush is cutting out of the summit early, and he's made clear that he expects us all to get along under an American vision of how we should go forward.
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There are 2 main definitions of cut out in English:

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cut-out 2



1A shape cut out of board or another material: a life-size cut-out
More example sentences
  • The figures are life-size cut-outs, silhouetted against the stark white walls, which gives them a three-dimensional sculptural quality.
  • These are the proxy friends in the bank and life size cut-outs in the banking hall reassure the punters that they may not be there in person, but they are watching over them.
  • Perhaps I should make a life-size cut-out of my boss in secret and sit at the front desk one day…
1.1A person perceived as characterless or lacking in individuality: this film’s protagonists are cardboard cut-outs
More example sentences
  • Unfortunately, the screenplay offers no fingerholds - characters are cardboard cut-outs, the plot detours wildly from logic.
  • And in a world where we no longer call a spade a spade but a multi-purpose topsoil cultivator, we need characters not cardboard cut-outs.
  • The result is long passages of simplistic monologue explaining basic Marxism in an entirely unconvincing manner, making the characters appear as cardboard cut-outs.
2A hole cut in something for decoration or to allow the insertion of something else: the mains output socket is fitted into a suitable cut-out on the rear panel
More example sentences
  • At the top of the tube there are two opposed semi-circular cut-outs which allow the air at the end of the tube to communicate with the air in the small clearance area around the inside of the bulge.
  • When mounted externally the metal backing plate has two cut-outs to allow the tubing to pass outside the case.
  • However the panel has a cut-out which allows status information to be seen without needing to move the fascia, so presumably voice activation would be the simplest way of dialing a number.
3A device that automatically breaks an electric circuit for safety and either resets itself or can be reset: there’s a thermal cut-out to prevent overheating
More example sentences
  • But none of the ten brands provided for this non-self resetting thermal cut-out and, therefore, none conformed to the parameter for the abnormal operation test.
  • Brakes, overloads, spring catches, monitors and cut-outs that will prevent a lift full of punters from tumbling to a lifty death.
  • Lock-up is via a rising block that engages a cut-out in the steel barrel extension.

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