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Pronunciation: /damd


  • 1(In Christian belief) condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell: damned sinners (as plural noun the damned) the spirits of the damned
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    • Meanwhile Birkin slowly uncovers the wall-painting, which shows the righteous trooping smugly off to heaven while the damned dive towards hell.
    • It is the one apocalypse that is truly and completely final, offering no Rapture, no salvation of the chosen, and no punishment of the damned.
    • Christ is the Divine Judge, a still point in the vortex of the living and the dead, the elect levitating to eternal life, the damned descending into the dark abyss.
    cursed, accursed, doomed, lost, condemned to hell, execrated; anathematized, excommunicated
    informal jinxed
  • 2 [attributive] informal Used for emphasis, especially to express anger or frustration: it’s none of your damned business [as submodifier]: she’s too damned arrogant
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    • If she is pregnant she's probably sick to death of answering useless, annoying questions, the replies to which, to be frank, are none of your damned business.
    • The State might subsidise many things in this country which are properly none of its damned business, but it in turn is subsidised too.
    • Besides, whatever I say to anybody is my own damned business.
    blasted, damn, flaming, precious, confounded, pestilential, rotten, wretched
    British informal blessed, flipping, blinking, blooming, blimming, bloody, bleeding, effing, chuffing
    North American informal goddam
    Australian/New Zealand informal plurry
    British informal , • dated bally, ruddy, deuced
    vulgar slang fucking, frigging
    British vulgar slang sodding
    Irish vulgar slang fecking
    dated cursed, accursed, damnable
  • 2.1 (damnedest) North American Used to emphasize the surprising nature of something: the damnedest thing I ever saw
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    • He used to say that his brother was the damnedest scoundrel that ever lived.
    • This car is just the damnedest looking thing.
    • We walked into one of the damnedest ambushes you ever seen.


do (or try) one's damnedest

Do or try one’s utmost: I tried my damnedest to lift the ball
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  • I'm going to spend the next few months trying my damnedest to tiptoe through the mine fields of other people's political passions.
  • He was a class act, and I was trying my damnedest to be one, too.
  • Here is her current husband, a dour-faced man with a droning voice, who is trying his damnedest to look like an optimist, and his own wife will not deign to gaze at him and smile.

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