Definition of darken in English:


Line breaks: dark¦en
Pronunciation: /ˈdɑːk(ə)n


1Make or become dark or darker: [no object]: the sky was darkening rapidly [with object]: darken the eyebrows with black powder (as adjective darkened) a darkened room
More example sentences
  • And then, as the sky slowly darkens, dark silhouettes slowly start wandering along the city-centre sidewalks.
  • Jeanna opened her eyes to see the sky had darkened to a dark slate, and the wind whipped mercilessly at the houses and plants around her.
  • It was here the new Carlow confidence shone like the sun breaking through after rapidly darkening skies which almost called for floodlighting.
grow dark/darker, blacken, grow black/blacker, dim, grow dim, cloud over, lour
make dark/darker, blacken, make black/blacker, make dim, shade, eclipse, fog, obscure
2Make or become angry, unhappy, or gloomy: [no object]: his mood darkened [with object]: the abuse darkened the rest of their lives
More example sentences
  • Over 200 of these are given over to vituperation against Tesco, in which the reviewer admits, ‘even driving past Tesco darkens my mood’.
  • If anything more darkens the mood of our brooding Chancellor it is warnings such as these.
  • I'm back at work tomorrow night and just the thought of it is like a cloud descending over me, closing me in and darkening my mood.
make/become gloomy, make/become angry, make/become unhappy, make/become annoyed, make/become depressed, cast down, become cast down, deject, become dejected, weigh down, oppress, dampen the spirits of, make/become dispirited, make/become troubled, cast a pall over, blacken, look black, sadden;
spoil, mar, detract from
2.1 [no object] (Of someone’s eyes or expression) show anger, sorrow, or another strong negative emotion: Guy’s expression darkened
More example sentences
  • His green eyes darkened and his expression turned stony.
  • His brilliant blue eyes would darken and the expression on his face became intense just before he would kiss her.
  • Scott could see her eyes darkening with anger.
2.2 [with object] (Of anger, sorrow, etc.) show in (someone’s eyes or expression): misery darkened her gaze
More example sentences
  • An unidentifiable emotion darkened his eyes so that they were almost black.
  • Annoyance darkened her brown eyes as she glared at the vicious, little black ball of fur.
  • Andy nodded, the concerned expression still darkening her blue eyes.


never darken someone's door

Keep away from someone’s home permanently: never darken my door again!
More example sentences
  • At times players and football clubs can delude themselves into believing that they are too good to go down and that relegation is a scenario that will never darken their door.
  • Well, Ms Claire Harper, Head of Marketing, it will ensure that your delivery men will never darken my door again because I will switch to one of your competitors.
  • If Scallon isn't driving those cattle, I'll never darken your door again, and I'll not bother you over the man again.



More example sentences
  • Unlike mascara, lash darkener just adds color, no length or volume.
  • You can use herbal henna once every 2 weeks as a hair conditioner and hair darkener.
  • It takes about 5 more minutes of sanding to remove all of the darkener from the top relief of your etching.

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