Definition of dial something up in English:

dial something up

1Adjust the control on an electrical device so as to increase the level of sound, light, heat, etc. produced: even with everything dialled up to full, the audio output level was only moderate at best
More example sentences
  • Turning to the record player, he dialed up the volume as high as it would go.
  • Minute by minute, someone dialed up the music, 'til it was hard to hear each other, even from a foot or two away.
  • Andrew dialed up the music on the jukebox.
1.1 informal Increase the amount, intensity, or degree of a quality, factor, etc. the Raiders really dialled up the pressure in the second half
More example sentences
  • "Welcome to the world of grizzly bears," he would say, sometimes employing an Aussie accent, which he typically dialed up for women and children.
  • The New York creatives were asked to work up a print/outdoor campaign that would ‘dial up the cool factor’.
  • I'm positive the F1 veteran will progress quite nicely throughout the month and will qualify easily, but will he be able to dial up the aggression if necessary?
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