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Line breaks: dis|or¦gan|ized
Pronunciation: /dɪsˈɔːɡənʌɪzd
(also disorganised)

Definition of disorganized in English:


1Not properly planned and controlled: the campaign was hopelessly disorganized
More example sentences
  • Why do we do accumulate, hoard and keep our homes and offices in messy, untidy, disorganized clutter?
  • In short, almost all subjects with a flexible strategy have high control beliefs, and the majority of the subjects with a disorganized strategy show low control beliefs.
  • But these were not disorganized attempts to win control over extended territories, and since the king was always accompanied by his entire court these journeys could not be improvised.
disorderly, disordered, unorganized, mixed up, jumbled, muddled, untidy, messy, cluttered, chaotic, confused, topsy-turvy, haphazard, random;
in disorder, in disarray, out of order, in a mess, in a muddle, in a shambles
informal all over the place, like a bomb's hit it, higgledy-piggledy
British informal shambolic, all over the shop
North American informal all over the map, all over the lot
rare orderless
1.1Unable to plan one’s activities efficiently: she’s very muddled and disorganized
More example sentences
  • To some he appeared disorganized, slapdash, cheerful to the point of flippancy.
  • In the second half discipline went out of the window and you'd have to feel sorry for McEniff as he tries to deal with such an undisciplined, disorganised group of players.
  • Now it is being extended to adults who are simply noticeably inefficient, disorganised and failing in their careers.
unmethodical, unsystematic, undisciplined, unorganized, badly organized, unprepared, inefficient, ineffective, ineffectual, incapable;
erratic, haphazard, indiscriminate, remiss, careless, slapdash, slipshod, slovenly, lax
informal sloppy, hit-or-miss
British informal dappy
British vulgar slang couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery



Example sentences
  • Many of the accusations seem at least as easy to explain in terms of disorganization and confusion as intentional mischief.
  • The scale of that was even more tragic than this, but there was confusion, there was disorganization.
  • Performances tend to be frustrating, with flashes of high skill and impressive athleticism undermined by naive disorganisation and lack of commitment.


Example sentences
  • All of this creates burdensome and disorganizing levels of stress, which is a major cause of divorce and the creation of single-parent families.
  • He claimed the measure would disorganise payments in many parts of the country where local enterprises did not have access to the big national banks.
  • Whatever you do, don't detour to answer every misplaced question as this disturbs continuity, decreases clarity and disorganizes an otherwise structured explanation.

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