Definition of dramatic in English:

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Pronunciation: /drəˈmatɪk/


1 [attributive] Relating to drama or the performance or study of drama: the dramatic arts a dramatic society
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  • No studies have assessed the impact of the dramatic society on the lives of its participants.
  • How many people of working age, for instance, now join amateur dramatic societies, or sign up to be Girl Guide leaders?
  • Instead, pop culture, European legends and dramatic arts are clearly traceable.
2(Of an event or circumstance) sudden and striking: a dramatic increase in recorded crime
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  • Now this, I have to say, constitutes a hugely dramatic change in circumstances.
  • We usually prefer gradual and mild change to sudden and dramatic change.
  • The human capacity to adapt to dramatic changes in life circumstances is impressive.
considerable, substantial, sizeable, goodly, fair, reasonable, tidy, marked, pronounced;
noticeable, measurable, perceptible, conspicuous, obvious, detectable, visible, appreciable;
significant, striking, signal, notable, noteworthy, worthy of attention, remarkable, outstanding, extraordinary, exceptional, phenomenal;
important, of importance, of consequence, consequential
2.1Exciting or impressive: he recalled his dramatic escape from the building dramatic mountain peaks
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  • Its cities are colourful and animated, its mountains dramatic and its hills verdant and tranquil.
  • This final attempt to contain the leader is sometimes one of the most dramatic and exciting parts of the game.
  • He will talk briefly on these too, with a backdrop of dramatic mountain scenery.
exciting, stirring, action-packed, sensational, spectacular, startling, unexpected, tense, suspenseful, rip-roaring, gripping, riveting, fascinating, thrilling, hair-raising, rousing, lively, animated, spirited, electrifying, impassioned, emotive, emotional, emotion-charged, moving, soul-stirring, powerful, heady
North American informal stem-winding
rare inspiriting, anthemic
striking, eye-catching, impressive, imposing, spectacular, breathtaking, dazzling, vivid, amazing, astounding, astonishing, surprising, staggering, stunning, sensational, awesome, awe-inspiring, remarkable, notable, noteworthy, distinctive, graphic, extraordinary, outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, unusual, rare, uncommon, out of the ordinary
2.2(Of a person or their behaviour) intending or intended to create an effect; theatrical: with a dramatic gesture, she put a hand to her brow
More example sentences
  • His technique and his dramatic personality made him by far the greatest dancer I had seen at that time.
  • He is as dramatic as they come and a delight for journalists looking for good copy.
  • Cavendish and her dramatic heroines alternately invite and reject the gaze of the other, of desire, and of the crowd.
theatrical, stage, dramaturgical, thespian;
informal showbiz
rare histrionic, theatric
exaggerated, theatrical, ostentatious, actressy, stagy, showy, melodramatic, overacted, overdone, overripe, actorly, histrionic, affected, mannered, artificial, stilted, unreal, forced
informal hammy, ham, campy


Late 16th century: via late Latin from Greek dramatikos, from drama, dramat- (see drama).

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