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Pronunciation: /dreɪp/


[with object and adverbial]
1Arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or round something: she draped a shawl around her shoulders
More example sentences
  • Ariel has draped some clothing on the tree and Trinculo takes a robe and puts it on.
  • She dressed quickly, and draped a yellow scarf over her shoulders.
  • Her green jacket was loosely draped in the crook of her elbow, and her jeans were clean, as if they had been purchased recently.
1.1Cover or wrap loosely with folds of cloth: the body was draped in a blanket
More example sentences
  • She was squatting by the fire wrapped in scarlet cloth, her shoulders draped in a soiled blanket.
  • The fact is that on the streets of India, certainly by Western standards, most women appear to be draped, swathed and completely covered in fabric.
  • All the furniture is draped in grey blankets to make it more sophisticatedly grey.
wrap, arrange, wind, swathe, sling, hang, let fall in folds
cover, envelop, swathe, shroud, decorate, adorn, array, deck, bedeck, festoon, bundle up, muffle up, blanket, overlay, cloak, veil, wind, enfold, sheathe
1.2Let (oneself or a part of one’s body) rest somewhere in a casual or relaxed way: he draped an arm around her shoulders
More example sentences
  • I was sleeping on my side and he'd draped himself over my body, head stretched out on the point of my shoulder, legs hanging down my back and chest.
  • While the pain explodes from his body he drapes himself over Nobantu's lap and she rubs his back just as she had rubbed his mother's leg at hospital just a few days before.
  • But I made it outside, feeling good about myself when I felt an arm drape itself across my shoulder.
dangle, hang, suspend, let fall, droop, drop, place loosely, lean
1.3 [no object] (Of fabric) hang in loose, graceful folds: velvet drapes beautifully
More example sentences
  • The fabric draped off her diminutive form, hiding her hands and bare feet easily.
  • Black fabric draped through the halls, concealing all portraits and ornamentation.
  • On most males, the fabric will drape down from the shoulder area to provide a convenient hollow behind the hip.


1 (drapes) North American Long curtains: Katherine pulled back the heavy velvet drapes
More example sentences
  • Inside the hulk are heavy drapes and two red velvet chairs.
  • She looked at the heavy long velvet drapes covering the window.
  • His office was lavish, with a thick, deep red carpet, and heavy velvet drapes, the same color as the carpet, pulled back at the windows.
1.1 [usually as modifier] A man’s suit consisting of a long jacket and narrow trousers, as worn by a Teddy boy: a drape jacket
More example sentences
  • Rather than try and dress it up in a drape jacket, she cannot put enough emphasis on how the genre has expanded its parameters since she first trod the boards of the church halls and less salubrious venues.
  • Meanwhile Roy will be wearing a cream drape suit and creepers with leopard skin fronts.
  • I indicated the one in the pink drape coat and western string tie standing in the shadows, almost in the wings.
1.2A cloth for covering parts of a patient’s body other than that part on which a surgical operation is being performed.
Example sentences
  • The circulating nurse then preps the patient, and the surgeon places the surgical drapes.
  • Materials used for surgical gowns and drapes should be resistant to penetration by blood and other body fluids as necessitated by their intended use.
  • The scrub person then drapes the patient by securing a towel with an adhesive strip on the patient's forehead and placing a body drape down the entire length of the patient.
2 [in singular] The way in which a garment or fabric hangs: by fixing the band lower down you obtain a fuller drape in the fabric
More example sentences
  • The firm has developed mathematical algorithms to simulate fabric drape and garment fit.
  • Add the desired amount of pintucks to each side of the center, remembering that the more pintucks sewn, the more the fabric drape will be affected.
  • Or perhaps it is just the drape of fabric which makes the fashion statement.



Example sentences
  • Knitwear and jackets are slim, while pants are slim through the hips and thighs with a soft and drapey flare.
  • They look horrible on the ball, but the tops were soft and drapey.
  • But for anything more tailored, this method makes the rayon far too soft and drapey.


Mid 19th century: back-formation from drapery, influenced by French draper 'to drape'. The noun senses date from the early 20th century.

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