Definition of droll in English:

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Pronunciation: /drəʊl/


Curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement: his unique brand of droll self-mockery
More example sentences
  • If you're looking for a nice enough, quirky and droll adventure film that you won't remember on Monday, then here's your movie.
  • The running commentary is informative and amusingly droll.
  • They're droll, yet morbid, featuring amusing little colorful happy people behaving with perfect presence of mind as their 747 ditches into the Atlantic.
funny, humorous, amusing, comic, comical, mirthful, chucklesome, hilarious, rollicking;
clownish, farcical, zany, quirky, eccentric, preposterous;
ridiculous, ludicrous, risible, laughable;
jocular, light-hearted, facetious, waggish, witty, whimsical, wry, sportive, tongue-in-cheek;
entertaining, diverting, engaging, sparkling
informal wacky, side-splitting, rib-tickling
quaint, odd, strange, queer, eccentric, outlandish, bizarre, whimsical


A jester or entertainer; a buffoon.
Example sentences
  • When English replaced Cornish as the language of Cornwall, the drolls' stories began to die out as the Cornish drolls died.



Pronunciation: /ˈdrəʊləri/
Example sentences
  • As a slugger approaches the plate your child says, with a hint of drollery, ‘You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.‘
  • There is a sort of drollery here, beginning with ‘crumbles’.
  • Bubbling over with bright ideas, visual flourishes and deadpan drollery, this is a film of wry smiles and poignant moments.


Pronunciation: /ˈdrəʊlnəs/
Example sentences
  • I believe that the power to command is the first duty you must relieve yourself of,’ he returned, with equal drollness.
  • Indeed, they were all about anarchy in atrophy, a chance to witness real drollness and intelligence in an unforced and incredibly clever manner.
  • Witty as Greenberg is, he doesn't snag the drollness of Hitchcock's humor as well as he might.


Pronunciation: /ˈdrəʊlli/
Example sentences
  • ‘It's either my magnetic personality,’ he says drolly, ‘or I'm invisible.’
  • ‘Well, I can't say it was a rags-to-riches story,’ he says drolly.
  • ‘You get the same twelve assorted types listening wherever you do a reading in the country,’ he drolly points out.


Early 17th century (as an adjective): from French drôle, perhaps from Middle Dutch drolle 'imp, goblin'.

  • Droll ‘curious and unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement’, is from French drôle, perhaps from Middle Dutch drolle ‘imp, goblin’.

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