Definition of drunk in English:

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Pronunciation: /drʌŋk/


past participle of drink.


1Affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties or behaviour: he was so drunk he lurched from wall to wall she was drunk on vodka
More example sentences
  • What better opportunity are you going to get to show off your moves on stage for a room full of drunk strangers?
  • Sometimes, in this industry, crazy drunk people call you at work for no apparent reason.
  • There were reports of car surfing, vandalism and a high number of drunk teenagers.
intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin;
British informal legless, steaming, bevvied, paralytic, Brahms and Liszt, half cut, out of it, having had a skinful, bladdered, trolleyed, well away, squiffy, tiddly, out of one's box, having had one over the eight, cut, steamed, mullered, slaughtered, lashed
Scottish informal fou
North American informal loaded, trashed, crock, juiced, sauced, squiffed, swacked, strung out, liquored up, out of one's gourd, in the bag, zoned, blitzed, ripped
Scottish & Australian informal full
North American & Australian/New Zealand informal shickered, shot
Australian/New Zealand informal grogged up, as full as a goog, inked
New Zealand informal munted
South African informal lekker
euphemistic tired and emotional
informal, dated stoned, lit up, as tight as a tick
British informal, dated half seas over, pixilated
British informal, offensive monged, monged out
archaic sotted, besotted, foxed, screwed
1.1 (drunk with) Overcome with (a strong emotion): the crowd was high on euphoria and drunk with patriotism
More example sentences
  • They act like radicals drunk with power, doing what ever it takes to destroy any opposing political force that dares to challenge it.
  • Floral tributes perfume the cool morning air and the atmosphere is drunk with sweetness.
  • He was filled with euphoria for this moment, drunk with passion.


1A person who is drunk or who habitually drinks to excess: we staggered up the path like a couple of drunks
More example sentences
  • The crowd is even bigger than when he went in because of a couple of drunks who have taken up residence on a bench nearby.
  • It probably would have been better if I had been drunk; they say drunks fall off all sorts of things and are fine, because they're floppy.
  • The headache usually begins half an hour after drinking, and drunks can have very serious headaches.
heavy drinker, hard drinker, serious drinker, problem drinker;
alcoholic, dipsomaniac, chronic alcoholic, alcohol abuser, alcohol addict, person with a drink problem
US informal juicehead
Australian/New Zealand informal hophead, metho
archaic toper
vulgar slang pisshead, piss artist
1.1 informal A drinking bout; a period of drunkenness: he used to go on these blind drunks



drunk and disorderly

Creating a public disturbance under the influence of alcohol: arrested for being drunk and disorderly
More example sentences
  • Following scuffles, eight teenagers were arrested for being drunk and disorderly, four for public order offences and three for causing a breach of the peace.
  • A judge convicted of being drunk and disorderly in a kebab shop has had his Yorkshire law offices closed amid allegations of financial irregularities.
  • It was only an offence to be drunk and disorderly in a public place.

(as) drunk as a lord (or skunk)

Extremely drunk.
Example sentences
  • Freezing cold and drunk as a skunk, I am doing the sensible thing and ploughing forward through the snowy city streets toward home, as if I have a purpose.
  • He was drunk as a skunk, barely standing and being abusive.
  • Then later, drunk as a skunk, he asked for a cigarette again.

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