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Line breaks: dud
Pronunciation: /dʌd


  • 1A thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless: all three bombs were duds
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    • There's really not a dud in the lot here as each show is well written and well intentioned from the outset.
    • A bomb disposal expert from Catterick was called in and the bomb was found to be a dud filled with concrete.
    • There are some duds, some poems that not only risk the ridiculous but also achieve it.
  • 1.1An ineffectual person: a complete dud, incapable of even hitting the ball
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    • She has been a complete dud in the deputy's position.
    • I've just got this feeling that maybe he's a complete dud.
    • Still, it's not as if he has been a complete dud when it comes to raising money.
    failure, flop, let-down, disappointment; British damp squib
    informal washout, lemon, loser, no-hoper, non-starter, dead loss, dead duck, lead balloon, fail
    North American informal clinker
  • 2 (duds) Clothes: buy yourself some new duds
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    • If travel isn't in your budget, maybe you'd like to sport some fancy new duds from Brown Sound Clothing.
    • Organize a clothes drive and donate duds to a local shelter.
    • Forget about dressing down; be one step ahead of your co-workers with these stylish duds that'll make you forget you're at work.


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  • 1Not working or meeting standards; faulty: a dud ignition switch
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    • If someone discovers that they've been ripped off with excessive fees and charges 4 or 5 years down the track or they're in a dud product with a poor rate of return, it's very hard to unwind that product.
    • Scottish consumers waste £12,000 in their lifetimes by signing up for dud products pushed on to them by banks and other financial institutions, according to a report.
    • Since then Richard, from Bredbury, has installed - and ripped out again - four faulty kitchen sets after the furniture company continued to send him units from a manufacturer's dud batch.
    defective, faulty, unsound, inoperative, broken, broken-down, not working, not in working order, not functioning, malfunctioning, failed
    informal bust, busted, kaput, on its last legs, conked out, done for
    British informal duff, knackered
    British vulgar slang buggered
  • 1.1Counterfeit: she was charged with issuing dud cheques
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    • Samantha was eventually arrested by the police in Barstow, Nevada trying to cash a dud cheque she had been given in a third-rate casino in Vegas in 1978.
    • Trading Standards officers have warned shoppers buying jewellery over the internet this Christmas that they could be at risk from online fraudsters passing off fakes and dud goods as the real thing.
    • Most of the fraud was done by banking dud cheques and drawing on the funds before the cheques had cleared.
    counterfeit, fraudulent, forged, fake, faked, false, bogus, spurious; bad, invalid, worthless
    informal phoney


Middle English (in the sense 'item of clothing'): of unknown origin.

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