Definition of eight in English:

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Pronunciation: /eɪt/

cardinal number

1Equivalent to the product of two and four; one more than seven, or two less than ten; 8: a committee of eight members eight of them were unemployed eight were acquitted (Roman numeral: viii or VIII)
More example sentences
  • Even though there are four to eight members on each panel, only three of them vote on each record.
  • They form a committee of eight members, and I personally have nothing to do.
  • He and his wife Kittie reared a family of eight, five boys and three girls.
1.1A group of eight people or things: the win placed Canada closer to the final eight
More example sentences
  • Byron now move into the final eight where they will face Woodburn.
  • Both Ivanovic and Evans were not part of the final eight last year.
  • As the old saying goes ‘it's all on the day’ and the final eight will all hold high hopes of going all the way.
octet, eightsome, octuplets;
Poetry  octrain, octameter;
Music  octuplet, octave
technical octad
rare ogdoad, octarchy
1.2Eight years old: children as young as eight
More example sentences
  • Aisling Young is eight, made her First Holy Communion in May and her granny plaited her hair for the occasion.
  • He has a great interest in collecting things, like any young boy of eight, and has a collection of model dinosaurs.
  • The first category comprised young music lovers between the age of eight and 15.
1.3Eight o’clock: the play is to begin at eight
More example sentences
  • Broadcast live on national TV, it begins at around eight in the morning and goes on until near mid-day.
  • I wake up each morning around eight.
  • Well that was no surprise it was only eight in the morning.
1.4A size of garment or other merchandise denoted by eight.
Example sentences
  • When they say ‘slim white jeans’ they mean 5 foot ten and a size eight or under.
  • And in some high street stores where the clothes are all one size it is difficult to get into anything if you are over a size eight or 10.
  • I want to be able to go into a shop and buy a size eight.
1.5An eight-oared rowing boat or its crew.
Example sentences
  • These 54 athletes had waited all week to contend the eight and the field was impressive.
  • They competed in their country's quad last year but are back leading the eight.
  • This is up an improvement on Sydney when neither the men's nor women's eight qualified.
1.6A playing card with eight pips.
Example sentences
  • Some players use jacks or aces rather than eights as the cards which have the power to change suit.
  • When an eight is played the player must call the suit for the next player.
  • If a player's only card is an eight, s/he cannot play it and is forced to draw a card that turn.


have one over the eight

British informal Have one drink too many.
Probably from the assumption that the average person can drink eight pints of beer without getting drunk
Example sentences
  • How do you behave when you've had one over the eight?
  • If I do have one over the eight it's not far to go home.
  • Relations became strained following an incident in which a Constable is alleged to have had one over the eight, and to have caused a fire.


Old English ehta, eahta, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German acht, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin octo and Greek oktō.

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