Definition of eighty in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈeɪti/

cardinal number (plural eighties)

1Equivalent to the product of eight and ten; ten less than ninety; 80: eighty miles north a buffet for eighty eighty of the nurses fled (Roman numeral: lxxx or LXXX)
More example sentences
  • By the eve of the Revolution, eighty to ninety percent of rural households owned spinning wheels, and almost half owned looms.
  • I think it's about eighty or ninety years old at most, but it has an extremely unusual quality.
  • I read somewhere that a child, whose parents both smoke twenty a day, has inhaled the equivalent of eighty cigarettes worth of passive smoke in one year.
1.1 (eighties) The numbers from 80 to 89, especially the years of a century or of a person’s life: his grandmother was in her eighties
More example sentences
  • During the eighties he found himself seconded to the new ambulance control room, in Preston.
  • It was in the eighties that underworld characters in the movies began to look more realistic.
  • There had been a change in the nature of unemployment since the early eighties.
1.2Eighty years old: he was over eighty at the time
More example sentences
  • Cartoon Art Classes take place every Saturday from 10 to 11.30 a.m. for ages eight to eighty.
  • I found that he had died in 1988 at the age of eighty.
  • He passed away in 1996, near the age of eighty, but was a strong, feisty man.
1.3Eighty miles an hour: roaring down the highway doing eighty
More example sentences
  • When we got in the jeep he sped about eighty down the highway.
  • You should've seen her last night, driving at seventy miles per hour going on eighty, blasting rock music.
  • He pushed the speed up to eighty on a forty mile road.



Pronunciation: /ˈeɪtɪəθ/
ordinal number
Example sentences
  • The thought of having to listen for eightieth time to some youngster reciting ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ and still having to retain some benign encouraging smile seems to me to be beyond the call of duty.
  • The New Yorker celebrates its eightieth anniversary with a travelling exhibition of memorable cartoons inked by notable cartoonists from the past eight decades.
  • Well, here we are, 2003 already, and next birthday will be my eightieth.


adjective& adverb
Example sentences
  • An eightyfold increase in coal production led to the need for more lumber for mine props, timbers, and planks.
  • In 2003, imports from China were worth $3.3 billion, an eightyfold rise over 1992.


Old English hunde(a)htatig, from hund (of uncertain origin) + e(a)hta 'eight' + -tig (see -ty2); the first element was lost early in the Middle English period.

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