Definition of engaged in English:


Line breaks: en|gaged
Pronunciation: /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒd
, ɛn-/


1 [predicative] Busy; occupied.
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  • Its leaders are actively engaged right now looking for a solution.
  • While I was thus engaged, my patron was busy reading the placard that the library where I intern has placed at the reference desk.
  • The turbulent 21st century needs an active and engaged America working to spread freedom and democracy - not one that withdraws into itself.
in use, active
informal tied up
(be engaged)have a prior engagement
1.1British (Of a telephone line) unavailable because already in use: she rang Mrs Tavett but the line was engaged
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  • People affected said they had tried calling them, but all the telephone lines were either engaged or just rang, unanswered.
  • Information on award notices was poor while customers seeking help with claims had their letters ignored or encountered engaged telephone lines, she said.
  • This line was repeatedly engaged when we tried to call it this morning.
1.2(Of a toilet) already in use.
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  • Just about made it back to the hospital only to find engaged toilets!
  • It was still engaged, but this time a woman was queuing to enter.
2Having formally agreed to marry: Keith and I had got engaged four months before she was engaged to a lecturer the newly engaged couple
More example sentences
  • When a couple becomes engaged to be married, a ring is offered by the young man.
  • Carter turns 27 this month and is engaged to be married, to a doctor.
  • We're engaged to be married in two months, on the anniversary of the day I left.
betrothed, affianced, promised in marriage;
attached, involved
informal spoken for
archaic plighted, espoused
3 Architecture (Of a column) attached to or partly let into a wall.
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  • Eight pairs of piers, each with an engaged column, were to articulate the lower portico, while the upper portico was to have had eight pairs of freestanding columns.
  • Above the Ionic entablature, the vertical thrust from below is carried skyward by pedestals supporting kraters aligned with the engaged columns.
  • The powerful square pillars which held up the three arches of each nave had an engaged column on each side, the same thickness for all its length, with a simple base without a pedestal.

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