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Pronunciation: /ɪˈnʌf

determiner& pronoun

1As much or as many as required: [as determiner]: too much work and not enough people to do it there was just enough room for two cars [as pronoun]: getting enough of the right things to eat [as postpositive adjective]: there will be time enough to tell you when we meet
More example sentences
  • There's more than enough work to be done implementing existing policies.
  • They make hundreds of billions of dollars every year, more than enough money to pay for the costs.
  • What all of this means is that Ireland has more than enough organs to save the lives of those on waiting lists.
sufficient, plenty (of), a sufficient amount (of), an adequate amount (of), as much as necessary;
a sufficiency, an adequacy, an ample supply, a satisfactory amount, a passable amount, a tolerable amount, an acceptable amount, an abundance, an amplitude;
1.1Used to indicate that one is unwilling to tolerate any more of something undesirable: [as determiner]: we’ve got enough problems without that [as pronoun]: I’ve had enough of this arguing that’s enough, pack it in
More example sentences
  • After attempting to come back in pre-season, the problem only got worse and he decided enough was enough.
  • Diaries can suffer from a process of attrition, as people decide they have had enough of the task of completing a diary.
  • She finally decided that enough was enough, and it was time to give up.


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1To the required degree or extent (used after an adjective, adverb, or verb): before he was old enough to shave you’re not big enough for basketball
More example sentences
  • If a space is large enough to push a pen through, it is big enough for a mouse.
  • We got close enough to see them with binoculars but not close enough for photographs.
  • It happens rarely enough for such an event to be savoured, but often enough to keep us forever interested.
1.1To a moderate degree; fairly: he can get there easily enough he seems nice enough
More example sentences
  • They won it easily enough in the end.
  • She seemed nice enough, her husband came too, they both wore jumpers and jeans in to the office.
  • I've always been able to come up with content easily enough, but had a hard time with the introduction.
1.2 [with sentence adverb] Used for emphasis: curiously enough, there is no mention of him
More example sentences
  • Interestingly enough, though, it also works as a good science fiction film.
  • This is one of his poems that, interestingly enough, came up in Philosophy class a while ago.
  • The annual Fun Day in Bedford Park, curiously enough unreported in the papers, was a great success.


Old English genōg, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch genoeg and German genug.


enough is as good as a feast

proverb Moderation is more satisfying than excess.
More example sentences
  • All sorts of goodies prevailed on the dessert menu, tartlet of peach with chocolate sauce and the like, but as they say, enough is as good as a feast.
  • Ah well, enough is as good as a feast - and I've had enough of colour management issues for now.

enough is enough

No more will be tolerated: someone has got to stand up and say enough is enough
More example sentences
  • The British people are very tolerant but there comes a time when enough is enough.
  • It is quite obvious that this council will try to get more tax from us each and every year, unless we say enough is enough and flatly refuse to pay any extra.
  • We, as a community, must stand together and say enough is enough and that we are not prepared to accept anti-social behaviour.

enough said

There is no need to say more; all is understood.
More example sentences
  • Several people were asking if the Old Fair Day was to return this summer, but the answer is - pubs in general don't want any part of it, enough said.
  • While ordering at the bar, we saw one leave the kitchen - enough said.
  • Dave, all good points well made, and better than I could, so enough said.

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