Definition of epitome in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɪˈpɪtəmi/


1 (the epitome of) A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type: she looked the epitome of elegance and good taste
More example sentences
  • Helen's older sister Jenny is the epitome of the perfect Mum.
  • He was described by the man who nominated him for the award as ‘the epitome of quality leadership in the modern educational era’.
  • Truly, Jun was the epitome of a perfect leader for anyone and everyone to follow and Chase readily admitted to that - a thing that he seldom did.
personification, embodiment, incarnation, paragon;
essence, quintessence, archetype, paradigm, typification, type;
exemplar, definitive example, prototype;
representation, model, soul, example, byword, classic example/case;
acme, ultimate, zenith, height
rare avatar
2A summary of a written work; an abstract.
Example sentences
  • Or, as another scholar has said, the creed is an epitome and summary that guides and directs a proper reading of Scripture.
  • For the rest we depend on excerpts and the epitomes of Zonaras (down to 146 and 44 BC to AD 96) and Xiphilinus.
  • The two sacred epitomes - ‘Aadi Granth or Guru Granth Sahib’ (now onwards GGS) and ‘Dasam Granth’ have also been given the stature of ‘Guru’ by the tenth Guru - Guru Gobinda Singh.
summary, abstract, synopsis, precis, résumé, outline, digest, recapitulation, summation, compendium, potted version;
abridgement, abbreviation, condensation;
North American  wrap-up
archaic argument, summa
rare conspectus
2.1 archaic A thing representing something else in miniature.





Pronunciation: /ɪˈpɪtəmɪst/


Early 16th century: via Latin from Greek epitomē, from epitemnein 'abridge', from epi 'in addition' + temnein 'to cut'.

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