Definition of evade in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɪˈveɪd/


[with object]
1Escape or avoid (someone or something), especially by guile or trickery: friends helped him to evade capture for a time
More example sentences
  • Many of them, including suspected murderers and rapists, continue to evade police capture for months or even years.
  • Both are cunning predators that can evade any attempts of capture or extinction.
  • Poetry cannot escape ideology nor can evade the class struggle since the latter indirectly or more directly inform the poet's political and artistic consciousness.
elude, avoid, dodge, escape (from), stay away from, steer clear of, run away from, break away from, lose, leave behind, shake, shake off, keep at arm's length, keep out of someone's way, give someone a wide berth, sidestep, keep one's distance from;
deceive, trick, cheat;
North American  end-run
informal ditch, give someone the slip
archaic bilk
1.1(Of an abstract thing) elude (someone): sleep still evaded her
More example sentences
  • She was trying to sleep, but sleep was evading her.
  • Sleep evaded me, for all I could think about was her.
  • But, sleep evaded her, and she sat in the bus looking out the window the entire trip.
1.2Avoid giving a direct answer to (a question): he denied evading the question
More example sentences
  • Parliamentary question time is full of wonderful examples of extended verbs, conjunctions and prepositional phrases employed to evade answering a question.
  • Ask him about the high points in his career as a civil servant, and he will first try to evade answering that question.
  • Certainly in person he answers - or evades - questions dutifully and without emotion.
avoid, not give a straight answer to, dodge, sidestep, bypass, hedge, fence, fend off, parry, skirt round, fudge, quibble about, be equivocal about, be evasive about;
get out of, find a way round;
not pay
informal duck, cop out of
1.3Avoid dealing with or accepting (something unpleasant or morally or legally required): he never sought to evade responsibility for his actions
More example sentences
  • When we dare to accept the full social responsibilities that governments are seeking to evade, we shall gain the initiative and defeat our unhappiness.
  • This is a matter of deliberate policy from management, who hope to evade some of their responsibilities for training and supporting workers and to cut costs.
  • But if we accept this framework, we are evading a larger truth.
1.4Escape paying (tax or duty), especially by illegitimate presentation of one’s finances: she was sentenced on three counts of conspiracy to evade taxes
More example sentences
  • It found that the legal fees were related to the conspiracy to evade income taxes and were not related to the tribute payments made on behalf of the corporation.
  • Aiding and abetting is a criminal offence, and if proven that an accountant, financial adviser or bookkeeper encouraged a customer to evade tax, then they can face fines or jail.
  • Finally, underinvoicing can be used to evade ad valorem tariffs.
1.5Act contrary to the intention of (a law or rule), especially while complying with its letter: suppliers can evade or manipulate regulations
More example sentences
  • Furthermore, clever legislators can readily evade a constitutional rule that depends on finding evidence of an illicit purpose.
  • The intention of the Act was to prevent writers and publishers evading the law by remaining anonymous.
  • As a matter of course, corporations tried to evade laws and regulations if they stood in the way of profits.



Pronunciation: /ɪˈveɪdəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • Many businesses and individuals don't pay the monies they owe Government because, as Auditor General Larry Dennis pointed out this week, they regard such payments as ‘optional, avoidable or evadable’.


Example sentences
  • We are increasingly successful at catching evaders and this is a warning to anyone who thinks they can get away with it.
  • Second, it would put the democratic government in a position to prosecute those who refuse to participate (with the government) as tax evaders…
  • So we are urging all evaders to buy a licence before they get caught.


Late 15th century: from French évader, from Latin evadere from e- (variant of ex-) 'out of' + vadere 'go'.

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