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Pronunciation: /ˈɛvə/


1 [usually with negative or in questions] At any time: nothing ever seemed to ruffle her don’t you ever regret giving up all that money?
More example sentences
  • The truth, however, is that I never ever regret my regular trips to the gym.
  • Remember the names of those politicians and never ever trust anything that they ever say again!
  • It's easier said than done but you will never ever have a better chance of doing it than right now.
at any time, at any point, on any occasion, under any circumstances, on any account;
up till now, until now
1.1Used in comparisons for emphasis: they felt better than ever before our biggest ever range
More example sentences
  • This is the third year of the festive event and is set to be the best ever with a whole range of surprises in store for visitors.
  • The richest range of blue I ever saw came onboard flights throughout Pacific islands.
  • The soundtrack has been expanded, with unexpected classics, and the range of vehicles is wider than ever.
2At all times; always: ever the man of action, he was impatient with intellectuals caravan holidays remain as popular as ever they lived happily ever after [in combination]: he toyed with his ever-present cigar
More example sentences
  • I heard a tale of true romance, crusty old prehistoric creatures and happily ever after.
  • It did average business and I recovered some money so that I could live happily ever after.
  • All too many do not live happily ever after and opt for being single again.
always, forever, at all times, eternally, until the end of time
informal until the twelfth of never, until the cows come home, until hell freezes over, until doomsday
continually, constantly, always, at all times, endlessly, perpetually, incessantly, unceasingly, unremittingly, repeatedly, recurrently
3 [with comparative] Increasingly; constantly: having to borrow ever larger sums
More example sentences
  • Nursing and support staff do a wonderful job but are constantly under pressure from ever dwindling resources.
  • The collective refuse to be labelled as their music selection is ever changing and constantly modified.
  • This same organisation does not hide its desire to grow ever bigger.
4Used for emphasis in questions expressing astonishment or outrage: who ever heard of a grown man being frightened of the dark? why ever did you do it?
More example sentences
  • Did they ever actually tell you that there were no jobs they had for you?
  • He said this is the most ridiculous question he has ever heard and then hung up on me.
  • How the hell did we ever manage to get through an election night before the internet?
at all, in any way, on earth



ever again

[usually with negative] At any time in the future: I never have to set foot inside a classroom ever again I honestly cannot imagine ever again working in an office for someone else
More example sentences
  • I'm too scared to eat chocolate ever again.
  • The man says he doesn't plan to be a candidate for any public office ever again in life.
  • Needless to say, I never talked to her ever again.

ever and anon

archaic Occasionally: ever and anon the stillness is rent by the scream of a gibbon
From Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost ( v. ii. 101)
More example sentences
  • The government continues ever and anon, as slow as snail.
  • Meantime, Fedellah was calmly eyeing the right whale's head, and ever and anon glancing from the deep wrinkles there to the lines in his own hand.

ever since

Throughout the period since: she had lived alone ever since her husband died
More example sentences
  • The couple have travelled the world together ever since and began living together a year ago.
  • We peeled her up out of the mud, and she slunk off to the shed and hid under a bucket, and has lived there ever since.
  • We met last summer in a city bar and had remained in sporadic contact ever since.

ever so/such

British informal Very; very much: I am ever so grateful she’s ever such a pretty cat thanks ever so
More example sentences
  • The ride back was incredibly easy, especially as it was ever so slightly uphill.
  • Across a field is the Minster, little but ever so pretty and on everybody's list of favourite churches.
  • I took the form back to the dole office and enquired, ever so politely, why they had filled it in incorrectly.

for ever

Pronunciation: /fə(r) ˈɛvə/
Pronunciation: /ˌfɔː(r) ˈɛvə/

if ever there was

(or if there ever was)
An assertion that the person or thing referred to is a perfect or undoubted example of its kind: if ever there was a tablet perfect for kids this is it this is a geek film if ever there was one
More example sentences
  • If ever there was a movie made for the DVD era, this is it.
  • She's a glamorous gran if ever there was one.
  • He was a master-mind, if ever there was one.

yours ever

(also ever yours)
A formula used to end an informal letter, before the signature.
Example sentences
  • I remain as ever yours, hoping to be with you soon.
  • With love to you all, ever yours sincerely,…


Old English ǣfre, of unknown origin.

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