Definition of fanciful in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfansɪfʊl/


1Over-imaginative and unrealistic: ever more fanciful proposals were raised
More example sentences
  • Okay, so admittedly that may be a fanciful and unrealistic goal.
  • He is less imaginative or fanciful than Tom, but more practical.
  • He'd always said such things like that, always so fanciful and imaginative with an underlying tone of seriousness.
1.1Existing only in the imagination: fanciful lunar inhabitants
More example sentences
  • Paintings of original and fanciful snowmen are one favorite, and winter trees or landscapes are another.
  • The judge said the two men lived in a ‘strange and fanciful world’ where they thought they could ‘ride around in cars, armed to the hilt’.
  • During their mission, they encounter all kinds of bizarre and fanciful creatures.
imaginative, inventive;
whimsical, impractical, capricious, flighty, dreamy, daydreaming, quixotic, chimerical, head in the clouds, out of touch with reality, in a world of one's own
archaic visionary
fantastic, extravagant, far-fetched, romantic, unbelievable, ridiculous, absurd, preposterous;
imaginary, fancied, unreal, illusory, made-up, make-believe;
informal far out, tall, crackpot, cock and bull, hard to swallow/take
2Highly ornamental or imaginative in design: a fanciful Art Nouveau bar
More example sentences
  • The new place is colourful and inviting, as sunflower-yellow walls help to show off Obadia's collection of colourful wall hangings, photographs, ornamental pots and fanciful souvenirs.
  • They made fanciful designs with dots, lines and geometric patterns on walls, antlers and other things.
  • The fountain illustrated, an exquisite piece of Gothic architecture in miniature, was designed to be both fanciful and functional.
ornate, exotic, imaginative, creative, fancy;
curious, odd, bizarre, strange, eccentric, unusual, original;
extravagant, fantastic, grotesque, gothic, baroque



Pronunciation: /ˈfansɪfʊli/
Example sentences
  • Not so long ago, the major film critics in the U.S. fancifully tossed around the idea of the ‘death of cinema.’
  • Even this outpouring of funds, though, won't take the technology to the level Crichton fancifully depicts.
  • Maybe he was like all the others and I was fancifully making all his nice gestures up, it was all a figment of my imagination.


Pronunciation: /ˈfansɪˌfʊlnəs/
Example sentences
  • Stephen's bullying self-pity and edgy rationalism ran up sharply against Anny's fancifulness, extravagance and sentiment.
  • There's a fancifulness and whimsy to the way she draws the human figure.
  • We sought to add imagination and fancifulness to regular family activities.
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