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Unlikely and unconvincing; implausible: the theory sounded bizarre and far-fetched
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  • As a foreseeability issue it was far-fetched and fanciful.
  • Your Honour, I do not know the full facts, but from the facts that your Honour has given me, it would not seem to be far-fetched or fanciful.
  • Only when a risk becomes far-fetched or fanciful will the law refuse to acknowledge it.
improbable, unlikely, implausible, scarcely credible, difficult to believe, dubious, doubtful, unconvincing, incredible, unbelievable, unthinkable, beyond the bounds of possibility;
contrived, strained, laboured, forced, elaborate, overdone;
fanciful, unrealistic, ridiculous, absurd, preposterous
informal hard to swallow/take, fishy
North American informal hokey

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