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Line breaks: fey
Pronunciation: /feɪ

adjective (feyer, feyest)

1Giving an impression of vague unworldliness or mystery: a rather fey romantic novelist
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  • Rather they convey an image of Ireland as a fey, mysterious place where funny things happen - funny strange and funny ha-ha.
  • The Divine Comedy is primarily Neil Hannon, an idiosyncratic, vaguely fey Brit who does a mean impression of Thom Yorke doing a mean impression of Cole Porter.
  • There are fey frowns and cynical or innocent smiles.
2Having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.
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  • King Arthur was surrounded by fey women, all intimately concerned with his fate.
  • The key to her salvation is the fascinating combination of her fey powers with her steadfastly mortal mind.
  • Just another human with fey ancestry working for the Grey Detective Agency, where we specialized in supernatural problems, magical solutions.
3 archaic , chiefly Scottish Fated to die or at the point of death.
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  • They know a person is "fey," or doomed, but cannot avert the destined events.
  • She has that fey look of someone whose time on Earth was always meant to be short.


Old English fǣge (in the sense 'fated to die soon'), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch veeg and to German feige 'cowardly'.



More example sentences
  • Whenever Clarence the angel talks longingly about getting his wings, take a shot of bourbon and then mince around the room, flapping your arms as feyly as possible.
  • Cyreina laughed feyly and held him close, ‘So, I take it we're sharing reasons why we love one another?’


More example sentences
  • Yet why not hope for a change in appetite, why not hope that vulnerability, doubt, languor, even feyness, might find a mass market once again?
  • With the latest album, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, any lingering wisps of feyness are only there for fun.
  • The execution is uneven and sometimes marred by the smirky feyness that the magazine occasionally succumbs to, but the spirit of the enterprise is so lively and amusing that Mathews would feel right at home.

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