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Line breaks: fif|teen
Pronunciation: /fɪfˈtiːn
, ˈfɪftiːn


1Equivalent to the product of three and five; one more than fourteen, or five more than ten; 15: all fifteen bedrooms have private facilities fifteen feet high fifteen of Howard’s troops were killed (Roman numeral: xv or XV)
More example sentences
  • It takes five to fifteen times as much ginseng as aspirin or caffeine to produce toxicity in animals.
  • Four plus five plus three plus fifteen is less than 40; what happened to the other inmates?
  • Fourteen and fifteen seem to be as good as any at the moment.
1.1A size of garment or other merchandise denoted by fifteen.
1.2Fifteen years old: she must be fifteen by now
More example sentences
  • The definition of literacy used by the government is that one must be over the age of fifteen and capable of reading and writing.
  • Green's anthology was my introduction to Australian poetry at the age of fifteen or so, and for me it was love at first sight.
  • One in three New Zealanders aged fifteen and over has no qualification.
1.3A team of fifteen players, especially in rugby.
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  • On a personal note I was disappointed at the poor representation of players on the starting fifteen.
  • Both players on the starting fifteen made a major contribution to the success.
  • The affiliations committee felt the club's first team are too strong for the intermediate grade where all the other seven teams are second fifteens.
1.4 (15) British (Of a film) classified as suitable for people of 15 years and over.
2 (the Fifteen) historical The Jacobite rebellion of 1715.


Old English fīftēne, fīftīene (see five, -teen).


fifteen minutes of fame (or famous for fifteen minutes)

Used with reference to a brief period of fame enjoyed by an ordinary person.
[from a remark made by Andy Warhol in 1968, predicting that in the future, everyone would be ‘world famous for fifteen minutes’]
More example sentences
  • Sole survivors rarely enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame, particularly when their work covers an obscure escape.
  • He afforded everyone their fifteen minutes of fame.
  • It was (one of) my fifteen minutes of fame, and I still get a thrill seeing my name up there, even if no-one else has a clue who I am or what I did.

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