Definition of fix in English:

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Pronunciation: /fɪks/


[with object]
1 [with object and adverbial of place] Fasten (something) securely in a particular place or position: they had candles fixed to their helmets figurative her words have remained fixed in my memory
More example sentences
  • To allow movement from thermal and other forces, the roof is not fixed rigidly to its supports.
  • Fix the shelf to the wall above the curtain track using the brackets.
  • The reconnaissance officers used head torches fixed to their helmets.
fasten, attach, affix, secure;
make fast, join, connect, couple, link;
install, implant, plant, embed, anchor;
stick, glue, bond, cement;
pin, nail, screw, bolt, clamp, clip;
bind, tie, lash;
establish, position, station, situate
stick, lodge, implant, embed, anchor
1.1 (fix something on/upon) Direct one’s eyes, mind, or attention steadily or unwaveringly towards: Ben nodded, his eyes fixed on the ground
More example sentences
  • Her gaze was fixed firmly on the ground.
  • She kept her own eyes fixed firmly on the face of the leader.
  • Ryan's gaze was fixed intently on her face, a small smile on his lips.
1.2 [no object] (fix on/upon) (Of a person’s eyes, attention, or mind) be directed steadily or unwaveringly towards: her gaze fixed on Jess
More example sentences
  • Her eyes fixed on a hawk perched above her.
  • Their gazes fixed on me, trying to interpret the words I'd left unsaid.
  • His mind fixed only on the dark deed at hand and fulfilling his mission once and for all!
focus, direct, level, point, rivet, train, turn;
converge, zero in
attract, draw;
hold, grip, engage, captivate, absorb, rivet
1.3 (fix someone with) Look at someone unwaveringly: Cowley fixed him with a cold stare
More example sentences
  • I fixed him with a hard glare that wiped the grin right off his face.
  • She fixed him with a glare and he stopped dead in his tracks.
  • ‘What you doing up so early?’ her mother continued, fixing her with an unblinking stare.
2Decide or settle on (a specific price, date, course of action, etc.): no date has yet been fixed for a hearing
More example sentences
  • The other countries which joined the EU did not have any dates fixed in advance.
  • By order dated July 19, 2001 a trial date was fixed for September 16, 2002.
  • When the court resumes a date will have to be fixed for a hearing.
decide on, select, choose, resolve on;
determine, arrive at, settle, set, finalize, arrange, prearrange, establish, allot, prescribe;
designate, define, name, ordain, appoint, specify, stipulate
2.1Arrange (something) on a permanent basis: the rate of interest is fixed for the life of the loan
More example sentences
  • Does he agree that the meaning of the Constitution was fixed when it was adopted?
  • Now, he is given less than the time fixed by the Rules of Court.
  • The time fixed by the Rules is six months.
2.2Establish the exact location of (something) by using radar or visual bearings or astronomical observation: having made landfall, he fixed his position
More example sentences
  • Later in the novel, he will use the ‘Earth’ to fix the exact location of his enemies on a flotilla of rafts in the middle of the Pacific ocean.
  • The flight leader watched him go down, fixed his position, and saw that he was alive and in his raft.
  • We have been at the mercy of the storm for days, and the cloud cover still prevents me from fixing our location by the stars.
2.3Settle the form of (a language).
Example sentences
  • This translation was also important in helping to fix the dialect used as standard and spread it through England.
  • The members of the Great Assembly fixed the specific language of prayer - not to limit us, but to help guide us toward what we should want out of life.
  • It is in the reign of Louis XIV., as has been said, that this eloquence had its greatest splendour, and that the language was fixed.
2.4Assign or determine (a person’s liability or responsibility) for legal purposes: there are no facts which fix the defendant with liability
More example sentences
  • This is all about fixing legal liability, so it is not a purely philosophical debate.
  • One solution to the problem would be to fix liability for malpractice due to inadequate resources on the commissioner rather than the provider.
  • The inference from these provisional conclusions is that the two local authorities involved are engaged in a struggle to avoid being fixed with responsibility for this awkward case.
3Mend or repair: you’ve forgotten to fix that shelf
More example sentences
  • The aim is to expand and improve, not to fix or repair what is broken.
  • A spokeswoman said the company was working flat out to get repairs fixed which were holding up trains and lengthening journeys.
  • As I recall, you also had to get the shower repaired and fix quite a few things, didn't you?
repair, mend, patch up, put right, put to rights, set right, get working, make as good as new, see to;
restore, restore to working order, remedy, rectify, put back together;
overhaul, service, renovate, recondition, rehabilitate, rebuild, reconstruct, refit, adjust;
Northern English  fettle
3.1Put (a bad or unwelcome situation) right: the international community should not rely on the UN to fix the world’s problems
More example sentences
  • Well, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is rolling out his plan to fix the economy.
  • We said we would fix immigration, law and order, and the Treaty of Waitangi industry.
3.2 (fix something up) Do the necessary work to improve or adapt something: we were trying to fix up the house so that it became vaguely comfortable
More example sentences
  • He kept the house for only a short time, selling it in 1946 to a fellow called Ed, who planned to fix the place up.
  • Their last visit was a week long adventure of helping me clean and paint and generally fix my house up when I first moved in.
  • We seem to have run out of money with which to fix this house up.
3.3 informal, chiefly North American Tidy or neaten (something, especially one’s hair, clothes, or make-up): Laura was fixing her hair
More example sentences
  • Riley changed quickly, brushed her hair and fixed her makeup, then closed the door to her bedroom and waited in her living area.
  • It was the first day in ages that Rebecca had actually bothered to do her hair, fix her makeup, and put on an outfit that wasn't sweats.
  • She fluffed her blond hair and fixed her makeup.
neaten, arrange, put in order, adjust;
style, groom, comb, brush, preen, primp, dress
informal do
4Make arrangements for (something); organize: Harry’s fixed up a meeting [no object]: I’ve fixed for you to see him on Thursday
More example sentences
  • As reported by the Evening Press, Supporters Direct had offered their advice, and a meeting was quickly fixed up.
  • The visit is fixed up, and just in time; 24 hours later his laptop packs in.
  • It can be very difficult fixing things up for young offenders in advance of their release.
arrange, organize, contrive, sort out, see to, see about;
manage, engineer, orchestrate, find a way
informal swing, wangle, pull strings
organize, arrange, make arrangements for, plan, fix, sort out, see to, put together, see about;
mastermind, choreograph, orchestrate
4.1 (fix someone up) informal Arrange for someone to have something; provide someone with something: I’ll fix you up with a room
More example sentences
  • In 1979, he settled in Saudi Arabia, where he was fixed up with a splendid seaside villa in the Red Sea port of Jiddah.
  • Far too old for the part, Valence is fixed up with a wig and copious amounts of make-up.
  • She hoped that we would fix her up with some accommodation.
provide, supply, furnish, accommodate, equip, endow
4.2 informal, chiefly North American Prepare or arrange for the provision of (food or drink): [with two objects]: Ruth fixed herself a cold drink
More example sentences
  • He walked down the stairs to the wet bar and fixed himself a drink, then proceeded out to the deck that overlooked the calm Pacific.
  • I got in, fixed myself a stiff drink and lay on the floor until the shaking died off.
  • ‘I wish I had never had children,’ she muttered to herself as she fixed herself a drink.
prepare, cook, make, make ready, put together, get
informal rustle up, knock up
4.3 (be fixing to do something) US dialect Be intending or planning to do something: I’m fixing to call the state patrol
More example sentences
  • They were fixing to make some cooked-squid salad.
  • Because at that point it looked to me like it was fixing to blow up.
  • Tanner, Kaylee, and Mike were fixing to leave and go fishing.
5Make (a dye, photographic image, or drawing) permanent: he perfected a process of fixing a photographic likeness on a silver plate
More example sentences
  • Ultimately, the fate of photography depended on fixing the image so it would not fade or darken.
  • After two minutes, a second bath of acid stops the development process and a third fixes the image, making the paper impervious to future contacts with light.
  • They gradually perfected the process of drying the grass to fix the image with some degree of permanence.
make permanent, make fast, set
5.1 Biology Preserve or stabilize (a specimen) with a chemical substance prior to microscopy or other examination: specimens were fixed in buffered formalin
More example sentences
  • After air drying the slides were fixed with cold methanol.
  • Sections were fixed with formaldehyde, and embedded in paraffin.
  • Tissue was fixed in ethanol and processed into paraffin blocks.
5.2(Of a plant or microorganism) assimilate (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) by forming a non-gaseous compound: lupins fix gaseous nitrogen in their root nodules
More example sentences
  • As they grow, green plants and trees fix carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to tissue.
  • Both cover crops fix a lot of nitrogen and produce high yields of biomass that serve as organic matter to enrich the soil.
  • The bacteria supply the pea plants with nitrogen fixed from the air when the soils are deficient in that nutrient.
6 informal Influence the outcome of (something, especially a race, match, or election) by illegal or underhand means: the club attempted to fix last Thursday’s league match
More example sentences
  • I assume it goes on in all sports and in racing it doesn't really bother me because I don't bet to make money and I don't believe every single race can be fixed.
  • Can we be sure that further individuals or gangs aren't attempting to fix races?
  • He has denied allegations that he fixed football matches.
rig, arrange fraudulently, prearrange/predetermine the result of;
tamper with, manipulate, manoeuvre, twist, influence
informal fiddle, set up
6.1Take revenge on or punish (someone): that little swine-I’ll fix him next time
More example sentences
  • By fixing and suppressing the enemy, we allow our own maneuvering element to accomplish its task relatively unmolested.
  • This gives priority to the areas where the enemy can be fixed and destroyed, area denial, and information collection.
  • This will allow us to destroy the lead company as the second enemy is being fixed by the minefield.
revenge oneself on, get one's revenge on, be revenged on, avenge oneself on, wreak vengeance on, take retribution on, get even with, give someone their just deserts, hit back at, get back at, settle the/a score with, settle accounts with, take reprisals against, punish, deal with
informal get one's own back on, pay someone back/out, give someone their comeuppance, sort someone out, settle someone's hash, cook someone's goose
7 [no object] informal Take an injection of a narcotic drug.
Example sentences
  • A final design issue that was explored was ‘chill out rooms’ where drug users could relax after fixing in the injecting room.
  • The guys like it when the girls can't fix themselves.
  • She convinced me to fix her for the first time.
inject drugs, take drugs
informal shoot up, mainline, get one's fix
8North American Castrate or spay (an animal).
Example sentences
  • The cancers of the reproductive organs are very rare in cats that have been fixed.
  • One is a girl and the other is a boy - both are fixed, as is our own cat.
  • He said all his cats are fixed males and if I have any problems with them to let him know.
castrate, neuter, geld, cut, emasculate;
desex, sterilize;
North American & Australian  alter
informal doctor
rare evirate, caponize, eunuchize


1 [in singular] informal A difficult or awkward situation from which it is hard to extricate oneself; a predicament: how on earth did you get into such a fix?
More example sentences
  • Our poor town planner is now in a fix, unable to predict the town's population ten years into the future.
  • Anyone who finds themselves in a really difficult fix should contact the organisation - it sounds like it could be a life-saver.
  • The department was in a fix about the problem, as it had to figure out the exact amount spent by the subscribers.
predicament, plight, difficulty, difficult situation, awkward situation, spot of trouble, bit of bother, corner, ticklish/tricky situation, tight spot;
muddle, mess, mare's nest;
quandary, dilemma;
dire straits
informal pickle, jam, hole, spot, scrape, bind, pinch, sticky situation, hot water, the soup
2 informal A dose of a narcotic drug to which one is addicted: he hadn’t had his fix
More example sentences
  • Traders claim that drug addicts collecting their daily fixes at a newly-transferred chemist shop are killing Leigh town centre.
  • His eyes took on the glazed expression of a drug addict contemplating his next fix.
  • In some areas nearly all robbery and burglary is drug related to pay for the next fix.
informal hit, rush
2.1An experience of something from which one derives great pleasure or stimulation: get your coffee fix at home with this state-of-the-art espresso-maker
More example sentences
  • Then we went to the cafe in Borders bookshop because I was needing a coffee fix.
  • Some nights she'll have a few glasses of wine, and I get my fix from coffee.
  • It was a cold, rainy November day and all I wanted was my daily fix of coffee.
3A measure taken to resolve a problem or correct a mistake; a solution or remedy: making everything easier for the car driver would only be a short-term fix the company is working on a fix but suggests users consider technical workarounds in the meantime
More example sentences
  • They knew there was no short-term, easy fix, there could be no band-aid approach.
  • We have a short-term fix for the communication problem.
  • So while expanding opportunities through trade is a good thing for the American economy, it's not going to be a fix for our current problems.
solution, answer, resolution, way out;
remedy, antidote, cure, nostrum, panacea
informal magic bullet
4A position determined by visual or radio bearings or astronomical observations: the radio operator received the distress call and calculated the fix
More example sentences
  • GPS receivers use the passive, one-way transmissions of signals from the orbiting satellites to determine a position fix.
  • GPS position fixes, however, are independent measurements that don't necessarily account for a car's travel along a road network with sharp corners.
  • If only three satellites are visible, then one dimension, typically the altitude, must be held constant to provide position fixes.
5 [in singular] informal A dishonest or underhand arrangement: obviously, his appointment was a fix
More example sentences
  • She found it hard to believe a forecast favourable to the Administration wasn't somehow a politically dishonest fix.
  • Partial privatization is the most costly and intellectually dishonest fix of all.
  • Probably, some awards are a total fix; but prestigious awards cannot be a total fix.
fraud, swindle, pretence, hoax, trick, charade, sham
informal set-up, scam, con trick, fiddle, sting


get a fix on

Determine the position of (something) by visual or radio bearings or astronomical observation.
Example sentences
  • It doesn't stop after a minute or two, so I go outside, get a fix on the position, and call 911.
  • You may end up having to tell a human operator where you are if the system cannot get a fix on your phone.
  • ‘Helm get a fix on our location’ the captain ordered the lieutenant at the navigational station.
informal1.1 Assess or determine the nature or facts of: it is hard to get a fix on their ages
More example sentences
  • ‘The market is a bit dead at the moment, so it's hard to get a fix on the value of the property,’ says Kevin.
  • The figures I've just shown you don't have anything to do with white collar crime quite obviously, and there are real problems getting a fix on whether white collar crime has grown.
  • Something as basic as a graphic showing how growth is going, whether at national or European level, is an instant, relatively easy way to get a fix on how the economy is moving.



Example sentences
  • And it feeds a conceit that is oddly comforting: that whatever is wrong with the world is caused by us and fixable by us.
  • I don't even know where to start fixing this or if it's fixable.
  • I was assuming the problem had been caused on my end and was fixable.


Late Middle English: partly from Old French fix 'fixed', partly from medieval Latin fixare 'to fix', both from Latin fixus, past participle of figere 'fix, fasten'. The noun dates from the early 19th century.

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