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Pronunciation: /fɪkst


  • 1Fastened securely in position: a fixed iron ladder down the port side
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    • It is worth looking around, as you descend, to work out how on earth the original explorers managed to have fixed iron ladders meandering up the pitch.
    • Many portholes had long been taken by souvenir-hunters, although several rows securely fixed indicated that the wreck was not quite ready to give everything away.
    • Thread the fixed clamp jaws securely to the pipe sections.
    fastened, secure, fast, firm, stable; rooted, riveted, moored, anchored, permanent
  • 1.1(Of a person’s expression) held for a long time without changing, especially to conceal other feelings: a fixed smile
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    • As the tape finished, the light flicked back on again, leaving me staring at my own reflection once more, my fixed expression registering even more stunned shock than before.
    • But because Mia was their first child, they assumed the fixed expression on her face was normal for a newborn baby.
    • It is then that they noticed that his eyes have a fixed expression, then when they saw him open the book in hand and move his fingers across to read the Braille and laugh to himself.
    insincere, false, fake, vacuous; emotionless, lifeless, motionless
  • 3(Of a sports contest) having the outcome dishonestly predetermined: the fight’s fixed—the ref has your card marked
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    • Besides anorexia and steroid abuse, there have, over the years, been rumours of fixed contests.
    • All the players of the five teams who appeared in the fixed matches would be barred from playing next season and their coaches banned for a year.
    • It is widely believed that the Chinese football league is plagued by irregularities, including unfair refereeing, fixed matches and betting.
  • 4 (fixed for) • informal Situated with regard to: how’s the club fixed for money now?



Pronunciation: /ˈfɪksɪdli/
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  • I stared at the doctor fixedly, all 250 pounds of me.
  • Even if those claims prove untrue, moral culpability remains fixedly weighted against the idea that he should be able to walk away from the scandal.
  • Anyway the end result was that for four hours we witnessed the odd ritual of some 2,000 people gazing fixedly at a field on which nothing was happening.


Pronunciation: /ˈfɪksɪdnɪs/
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  • Continually, her approach is to question fixedness and limits, to seek unknown responses and responsibilities, to choose movement and being moved, and to enjoy the pleasure of thinking.
  • Yet, it is precisely because of its fixedness in the landscape that, to those who see the monument, it becomes invisibly part of the landscape.
  • One feels that each, in different ways, has confronted the fixedness of a poetic identity and managed to break it open, to begin again.

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