Definition of flame in English:

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Pronunciation: /fleɪm/


1A hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire: the car was engulfed in flames [mass noun]: a sheet of flame blocked my escape
More example sentences
  • Residents are directed to guard against the threat of fire as flames continue to engulf many areas in New South Wales.
  • He died instantly, before flames engulfed his body, which was identified from jewellery and dental records.
  • However, it had steps in front of doors, fire escapes exposed to flames, inadequate balcony stairways, and no exit signs.
fire, blaze, conflagration, inferno, holocaust, firestorm
1.1A thing compared to a flame’s ability to burn fiercely or be extinguished: the flame of hope flickered and died there’s nothing like a holiday to rekindle the flames of passion
More example sentences
  • Now if any band are ready to make it they are, there is a flame burning inside them that no one is going to extinguish.
  • A flame of passion burned within me at his touch, and I only lusted more.
  • Even though he ignored her at school the flame of hope that burned in her heart hadn't gone out yet.
passion, passionateness, warmth, ardour, fervour, fervency, fire, intensity, keenness;
excitement, eagerness, enthusiasm
1.2 [mass noun] A brilliant orange-red colour like that of flames: [in combination]: a flame-red Alfa Romeo
More example sentences
  • Try to avoid putting flame bright colours next to wishy-washy pink, or vice versa, but don't be afraid to mix bright colours in zingy combinations.
  • The predominant colours for the flowers of the evergreens are purple and pink, but there are also a number of flame coloured evergreens.
  • Her hair was still that fascinating flame red colour and her eyes were still twin jade sparks against the creamy canvas of her complexion.
2 Computing , informal A vitriolic or abusive message posted on the Internet or sent by email, typically in quick response to another message: send out an unsolicited email and you could possibly receive thousands of flames
More example sentences
  • It also created the culture of flames - abusive emails.
  • The social dynamics are very different; you think more before responding instead of posting a quick flame.
  • Our playful dig drew plenty of interesting emails and surprisingly, very few flames.


1 [no object] Burn and give off flames: a great fire flamed in an open fireplace figurative hope flamed in her
1.1 [with object] Set (something) alight: warm the whisky slightly, pour over the lobster, and flame it
More example sentences
  • For you, Christmas is about family and traditions, and you rather enjoy the rituals of going to church at midnight and turning off the lights before flaming the plum pudding.
ignite, light, set light to, set fire to, set on fire, set alight, kindle, inflame, burn, touch off
informal set/put a match to
1.2Shine or glow like a flame: her thick hair flamed against the light
More example sentences
  • The thick black hands flamed with an eerie blue sheen in the low light of the bridge, and dark green eyes glowed with a deranged luminescence from deep-set pits under the gunner's brow.
  • Gloriana was the tallest of the three, with bright red hair flaming and swirling around her head, and green eyes that flashed impatiently.
  • Come here at sunset, when the colours flame in red and orange, bold and beautiful.
glow, shine, flash, beam, glare, sparkle
become red, go red, blush, flush, redden, grow pink/crimson/scarlet, colour, glow, be suffused with colour
1.3(Of a person’s face) suddenly become red with intense emotion, especially anger or embarrassment: Jess’s cheeks flamed
More example sentences
  • Of course, I ended up looking down at the ground, my face flaming with embarrassment.
  • My face flamed with embarrassment at the blatantly southern direction of my thoughts.
  • Melanie slowly turned around, her face flaming.
2 [with object] Computing , informal Direct a vitriolic or abusive message at (someone) on the Internet or via email: your opinions and mine are probably different, but please don’t flame me
More example sentences
  • Now if anyone read my previous blog, they will know I got seriously flamed by a person called Acidman, my ‘crime’?
  • Mom was a reader, a debater (I can not imagine keeping a blog if she was still alive, she would have flamed me to a crisp in either the comments or her own blog), and a passionate learner.
  • If you have something against that, don't bother freaking out or flaming me, just simply press the back button.



burst into flame (or flames)

Suddenly begin to burn fiercely: the car crashed into a tree and burst into flames

go up in flames

Be destroyed by fire: last night two factories went up in flames
More example sentences
  • Months of work went up in flames in a fire which forced a Swindon school to close for the day.
  • Trees went up in flames, and fire crackled and burst and shot high into the sky.
  • The western part of the city in particular has been constantly pounded by Russian artillery, and factories and apartment blocks go up in flames after air raids.

old flame

Pronunciation: /ˌəʊldˈfleɪm/
informal A former lover.
Example sentences
  • The pensioner now has three children and has been married twice, but would love to contact his old flames to see what has happened during their lives.
  • As the amorous side of your life goes up and down, you forage in the laundry basket of love, reselecting old flames instead of dusting yourself down and seeking new conquests.
  • Maybe this sudden influx of communication from old flames was karma having a field day and rubbing in the painful realities of current singledom.
sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, love, partner, beloved, beau, darling, escort, suitor;
Italian inamorato, inamorata
informal steady
British informal boyf, girlf

Phrasal verbs

flame out

(Of a jet engine) lose power through the extinction of the flame in the combustion chamber.
informal, chiefly North American 1.1 Fail badly or conspicuously: he and the rest of the team flamed out in the last three minutes
More example sentences
  • Its attempt to export its New York City clothing sensibilities to the Midwest and West Coast flamed out, he says, because management failed to do market research on the tastes of non-New Yorkers.



Pronunciation: /ˈfleɪmləs/
Example sentences
  • The building's facade was Art Deco, with motifs in raised stucco - a stylized eagle, and two side panels with elongated, flameless Olympic torches topped by geometric designs.
  • He invented numerous other things as well, including battery-heated gloves and a flameless cigarette lighter, and was as proud of his many patents as he was of all his awards as a performer.
  • They require no refrigeration or freezing, utensils or heat source before consuming, although they can be warmed with a flameless ration heater.


Example sentences
  • At this moment, I'm contemplating dyeing the tips yellow, for a flame-like look.
  • Incomplete questionnaires or crude, poorly written, or flame-like responses will be disregarded.
  • It was around evening now, and the sun was starting to set, casting flame-like rays into the room.


Pronunciation: /ˈfleɪmə/
noun ( Computing )
Example sentences
  • And I know of a few bloggers who've quit because they don't have the time or the emotional energy to deal with the flamers.
  • Two of his fellow flamers were also fined, but did not receive lifetime bans.
  • Then many threads of discussion moved to lists, and web discussion boards, but forum after forum of intelligent conversation was stormed and destroyed by flamers and idiots.


(also flamey) adjective (flamier, flamiest)


Middle English: from Old French flame (noun), flamer (verb), from Latin flamma 'a flame'.

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