Definition of floater in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfləʊtə/


1A person or thing that floats.
Example sentences
  • There were blue and brown butterflies wider than my hands side-by-side, black butterflies with dazzling yellow stripes, magnificent azure and green-winged floaters gliding on the humid air.
  • Now if you're still not convinced you care whether zooplankton drop sinkers or floaters you should know there are more than 1500 million tonnes of protozoa, a type of zooplankton, in the Southern Ocean alone.
  • In fact, each painting on display at the ‘Floating Images’ is full of these floaters which serve as links in a shape-colour continuum.
1.1A loose particle within the eyeball which is apparent in one’s field of vision.
Example sentences
  • You may experience light sensitivity, redness, pain, floaters and blurry vision.
  • Symptoms include floaters and blurred vision caused by swelling of the optic disc.
  • Intermediate uveitis is characterised by floaters and blurred vision and varies in severity.
2A floating voter.
Example sentences
  • I'm still inclined to vote Labour to stop the ‘Liberal Democrats’ getting in in my constituency but I'm moving closer to floater voter.
  • ‘The joint committee is split almost evenly among three factions: a third reformers, a third dinosaurs and a third floaters,’ he added.
  • New Labour offered me the chance to vote for a socially inclusive agenda without automatically making myself poorer - a powerful come-on for many millions of floaters all over the nation.
2.1 informal, chiefly North American A person who frequently changes occupation or residence.
Example sentences
  • The number of nonbreeders was estimated from census data on the ratio of floaters to residents during the rainy season.
  • The adult population consisted of two status categories, residents and floaters.
  • However, we have no reliable estimates of floater population size.
2.2North American A worker who is required to do a variety of tasks as the need for each arises.
Example sentences
  • A floater was present in each classroom during the administration of the questionnaires to answer individual questions.
  • This occurred most often when the physician was on call at night, or when the nurse was a floater.
  • If you don't take scripts which mean something you just become a kind of mindless floater.
3British informal, dated A mistake; a gaffe.
4US An insurance policy covering loss of articles without specifying a location.
Example sentences
  • If you own luxury items, you'll probably need additional insurance - known as a rider or floater - to cover them.

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