Line breaks: foot¦er
Pronunciation: /ˈfʊtə


1 [in combination] A person or thing of a specified number of feet in length or height: a tall, sturdy six-footer
1.1A kick of a football performed with a specified foot: he hammered a low left-footer past the keeper
More example sentences
  • Frandsen skims the angle with a scorching right footer after a determined run.
  • This time they turned to hooker Slattery and he nonchalantly slotted a left footer through the posts from the 22 metre line.
2 variant of footy.
3A line or block of text appearing at the foot of each page of a book or document. Compare with header (sense 4).
More example sentences
  • Once you're authenticated, you can use the special menu items that appear in the footer of every page to make the configuration changes you desire.
  • I added a ‘Sitemap’ link to all page footers, upgraded the noframes entrance to something slightly more useful and wondered whether it was enough.
  • Menu bars use either graphics or text links while footers almost exclusively use text links.

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Line breaks: foot¦er
Pronunciation: /ˈfuːtə


[no object] Scottish
Fiddle about: he nodded and started to footer with his watch
More example sentences
  • Give this girl a gimmick, leave her to fiddle and footer about with it into the wee small hours and, in no time, she's smitten.
  • In the meantime, fiddling and footering is about the best he can do.
  • This opportunity is staring us in the face and we are all footering around.


mid 18th century: variant of obsolete foutre 'valueless thing, contemptible person', from Old French.

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