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Line breaks: fore|tell
Pronunciation: /fɔːˈtɛl

verb (past and past participle foretold /-ˈtəʊld/)

[with object]
Predict (the future or a future event): [with clause]: a seer had foretold that the earl would assume the throne
More example sentences
  • In the Greek theatre Chorus speaks for the citizens, comments on events and foretells the future.
  • A science which teaches to judge of the effects and influences of the stars, and to foretell future events, by their situation and different aspects.
  • In pagan times poets were thought to be gifted with second sight, able in a trance or frenzy to foretell future events.
archaic foreshow, croak
Scottish archaic spae
rare vaticinate, auspicate
augur, presage, portend, foreshadow, indicate, signal, point to, add up to, be an omen of, be a warning of, be a harbinger of
rare prefigure



More example sentences
  • For example, for a fateful moment, such as the dispatch of a large shipment by sea, some exporters would require the advice of experts and outsiders, the counsel of foretellers, and the help of the Virgin Mary.
  • We are in the best prophetic traditions, not foretellers, but forthtellers: we would like to say what ought to be, and we speak in the name of tradition in this way.
  • Someone has to become the foreteller of the future, and they start leading people toward it.

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