Definition of forget in English:

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Pronunciation: /fəˈɡɛt/

verb (forgets, forgetting, forgot /fəˈɡɒt/; past participle forgotten /fəˈɡɒt(ə)n/ or chiefly US forgot)

[with object]
1Fail to remember: he had forgotten his lines [with clause]: she had completely forgotten how hungry she was
More example sentences
  • I found myself mixing up my lines, or forgetting them completely.
  • As we listen to his wonderful gab, we should remember what he sometimes forgot or failed to say.
  • I recently picked the thing up again and surprised myself by remembering most of the chords, but completely forgetting their names.
fail to remember, fail to recall, fail to think of, let slip
1.1Inadvertently neglect to do or mention something: [with infinitive]: she forgot to lock her door
More example sentences
  • Ross may simply have forgotten to mention this, but it is the fact that there is no legal penalty that beggars belief.
  • He's not tried to be dishonest, he has just forgotten to mention one thing.
  • John, you also forgot to mention their dastardly plans to bomb women and children in yet more state sponsored terror.
neglect, fail, omit, not remember
archaic pretermit
1.2Deliberately cease to think of: forget all this romantic stuff [no object]: for years she had struggled to forget about him
More example sentences
  • Some might hide and forget about it, there are some who might even run from it and try to make a new life, forgetting the past like it never existed.
  • That crisis of civilizational morale, in turn, helps explain why European man is deliberately forgetting his history.
  • Either buy the girl her superstructure out of the goodness of your heart or forget about it.
stop thinking about, think no more of, cease to think of, cease to remember, put out of one's mind, shut out, blank out, pay no heed to, not worry about, ignore, overlook, never mind, take no notice of, banish from one's thoughts, put away, get over, set aside, lay aside, pass over, abandon, have done with, drop, disregard, brush off, shrug off
1.3 (forget it) informal Said when insisting to someone that there is no need for apology or thanks: ‘I’m sorry ...’ she began. ‘Forget it’
1.4 (forget oneself) Neglect to behave in an appropriate way: ‘I’m sorry, Cassie. I forget myself’
More example sentences
  • They either remember my game playing as a child and avoid the issue or I'm too embarrassed to ask them just in case I forget myself and slam a door when I lose…
  • If I forget myself even for a second and let myself down I know there'll be people who'll jump on that.
  • For a second you forgot yourself and kissed me back.
act improperly, misbehave, do wrong, go wrong, behave badly, be misbehaved, misconduct oneself, be bad, be naughty, get up to mischief, get up to no good, act up, give/cause someone trouble;
sin, go astray, transgress, trespass, fall from grace, lapse, degenerate
British informal muck about, play up


not forgetting ——

(At the end of a list) and also ——: there are wild goats and deer, not forgetting the famous Lundy ponies
More example sentences
  • It would help considerably if parents ensure that the owners name appears somewhere on all items of clothing, not forgetting footballs.
  • The heat and not forgetting the stress was mounting upon Sarah and it was beginning to show…
  • Scottish Friends of Palestine, one of the organisers of the protest against the event, is proud to have Jewish founding members, not forgetting existing members.



Pronunciation: /fəˈɡɛtə/
Example sentences
  • While trying to suppress their memories, the best forgetters displayed particularly intense blood flow - indicating elevated neural activity - in the prefrontal cortex and unusually little blood flow in the hippocampus.
  • Thus, for a community out of step with the rest of society, the confession of failings served to recall both backsliders and forgetters to the perfection to which they were called at the time of their preparation for baptism.
  • This bar was for the forgetters; the men and women who only drank because it was better than having to face the long walk home.


Old English forgietan, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vergeten and German vergessen, and ultimately to for- and get.

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