Definition of freshen in English:


Line breaks: fresh¦en
Pronunciation: /ˈfrɛʃ(ə)n


1 [with object] Make (something) newer, cleaner, or more attractive: it didn’t take long to freshen her make-up
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  • Throughout the day they constantly freshened their makeup and adjusted their hair ornaments, and a mirror was of course basic to these tasks.
  • This freshens the verse and toughens the sentiment.
  • Squeezing a lemon is just as effective at freshening the air.
refresh, revitalize, restore, revive, reinvigorate, reanimate, wake up, rouse, enliven, liven up, energize, stimulate, brace, fortify, invigorate
informal buck up, pep up, blow away the cobwebs
rare inspirit
2 [no object] (Of wind) become stronger and colder: the westerly wind freshened and howled dismally (as adjective freshening) the yachts picked up a freshening breeze
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  • As the match began the blustery wind freshened and cooled with the huge Hawks flag fluttering above the old pavilion.
  • On Friday, with the wind freshening I check that all is well with my new propagator and its precious cargo of germinating seeds - and yes, all is well.
  • When at last the wind freshened and the sky cleared - with one barrel of water left on each ship - Columbus decided to sail west.
become stronger, strengthen;
become colder, become more bracing, cool, cool off
3chiefly North American Add more liquid to (a drink); top up: the waitress freshened their coffee
More example sentences
  • While Elaine was on the phone, Maria offered to freshen everyone's drink.
  • This means the sangria can be made the night before and freshened with the soda water and more fruit when guests arrive.
4 [no object] North American (Of a cow) give birth and come into milk.
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  • Cows soon to freshen or with calves should have access to a magnesium-containing mineral supplement to help prevent grass tetany on pasture in the spring.

Phrasal verbs

freshen up

Refresh oneself by washing or changing into clean clothes: he went off to freshen up in the local baths
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  • He imagined clean towels and crisp linen, and the opportunity to freshen up and prepare himself for what he figured must be just around the corner for him.
  • After freshening up we went for an Indian meal at the restaurant a few doors away.
  • After a satisfying period of lounging around, reading the papers, and gazing out at the bunnies hip-hopping about in the snow, we moved up to our bedroom to get freshened up for the evening.
have a wash, wash oneself, bathe, shower;
tidy oneself (up), spruce oneself up, smarten up, groom oneself, preen oneself, primp oneself, prink oneself;
North American wash up
informal titivate oneself, do oneself up, doll oneself up
British informal tart oneself up
literary lave
formal or humorous perform one's ablutions
archaic plume oneself, trig oneself, make one's toilet



[usually in combination]: an air-freshener
More example sentences
  • A study following 14,000 children since birth found that frequent use of fresheners and aerosols during pregnancy and early childhood was linked to higher levels of illness.
  • She just told me not to touch the microwave again and lit some candles and sprayed some freshener around to get rid of the smell.
  • They look tired, their faces parched by a combination of jetlag, central heating, room freshener, boredom, hunger and mild interrogation about the true nature of their friendship.

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