Definition of frivolous in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈfrɪv(ə)ləs/


1Not having any serious purpose or value: frivolous ribbons and lacy frills rules to stop frivolous lawsuits
More example sentences
  • Don't judges have the power to throw out frivolous lawsuits and even fine the lawyers and the litigants?
  • Then, if the lawsuit is frivolous, why should it produce grave consequences for Germany?
  • Drug companies claim the union and consumer plan would encourage frivolous lawsuits.
flippant, glib, waggish, joking, jokey, light-hearted, facetious, fatuous, inane, shallow, superficial, senseless, thoughtless, ill-considered, non-serious
informal flip
British informal daft
archaic frolicsome, sportive, jocose
impractical, frothy, flimsy, insubstantial
time-wasting, trivial, trifling, minor, petty, lightweight, insignificant, unimportant, worthless, valueless, pointless, paltry, niggling, peripheral
1.1(Of a person) carefree and superficial: the frivolous, fun-loving flappers of the twenties
More example sentences
  • Sometimes we repress our good humour, because we are afraid that others will think we are frivolous or foolish.
  • She believed in him and she was not a frivolous person, so her opinion counted.
  • When philosophers take liberties with language to make their distinctive points they are not frivolous.
giddy, silly, foolish, facetious, zany, light-hearted, merry, superficial, shallow, lacking seriousness, non-serious, light-minded, whimsical, skittish, flighty, irresponsible, thoughtless, lacking in sense, feather-brained, empty-headed, pea-brained, birdbrained, vacuous, vapid
informal dizzy, dippy, dopey, batty, dotty, nutty
North American informal ditzy



Pronunciation: /ˈfrɪv(ə)ləsli/
Example sentences
  • I don't feel it's something to be taken lightly or frivolously.
  • I could never frivolously spend money like that.
  • Giant hogweed is not to be dealt with frivolously.


Pronunciation: /ˈfrɪv(ə)ləsnəs/
Example sentences
  • But if you want to be pleasantly lulled into a state of happy frivolousness, check out Dorf and his comedy collection.
  • But as it stands, Man's Best Friend is a decent horror film occasionally hindered by the cruelty inherent in its subject matter and an awkward frivolousness in tone.
  • Most children exude such joy and frivolousness.


Late Middle English: from Latin frivolus 'silly, trifling' + -ous.

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