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Pronunciation: /ˈfʌni

adjective (funnier, funniest)


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  • 1 (funnies) informal Amusing jokes: the training courses usually produced a good crop of funnies
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    • Hot off the email funnies comes possibly the best chicken joke ever?
    • The best and worst of our exceedingly odd times are reflected in the end-of-the-year funnies, with grumpiness, cross-dressing, political rage and celebrity obsession emerging as dominant themes.
    • Frances, songwriter and head honcho, cracks the funnies, at her own expense as well as her colleagues.
  • 1.1North American The comic strips in newspapers: I read the sports page, funnies, and editorial
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    • It was wrapped very badly in the Sunday funnies in the newspaper.
    • I remember the hallway where I ducked in had newspaper funnies stuck up on the doorways.
    • I gravitated to comics really early on, like the funnies in the newspaper like Blondie, Beetle Bailey and Nancy.


funny ha-ha (or funny peculiar)

informal Amusing (or strange): used to distinguish the two main senses of ‘funny’: ‘Funny ha-ha,’ Robbie said, ‘or funny peculiar?’
[coined by Ian Hay in his novel Housemaster (1936)]
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  • Rather they convey an image of Ireland as a fey, mysterious place where funny things happen - funny strange and funny ha-ha.
  • Er… by that, I mean funny strange, not funny ha-ha.
  • That was funny, somehow, he knew it ought to be funny - funny ha-ha, not just strange - but he couldn't put the pieces together.

I'm not being funny, but ——

informal Used before a statement or suggestion to point out that it is serious, however facetious or strange it may seem: I’m not being funny but I haven’t got all day
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  • I'm not being funny, but if he goes on like this we'll have real trouble keeping hold of him.
  • Once asked how he would like to be perceived by his public, he paused for thought then said: ‘I'm not being funny, but I'd settle for blind adoration.’
  • I'm not being funny, but I went round to his house and he had pictures of me everywhere.

see the funny side (of something)

Appreciate the humorous aspect of a situation or experience: fortunately, the patient saw the funny side of the situation
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  • Those who laugh out loud and see the funny side of difficult situations are far less likely to have a heart attack than humourless individuals, researchers found.
  • His willingness to help everyone and his inspiring wit and ability to see the funny side of all situations was a trait of his personality that was very special to all.
  • Gerry was a wonderful conversationalist and always had the ability to see the funny side of any situation, and was well able to talk on a variety of topics with authority.

(oh) very funny!

informal Used ironically to indicate that a speaker does not share another’s joke or amusement: ‘D’yeh want a celery choc ice?’ ‘Very funny, I don’t think.’



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  • As in previous research, only moderate correlations were found between laughter and self-report measures of perceived funniness, happiness, amusement, and anxiousness.
  • But luckily, because we rehearsed it for five solid days before we performed it for an audience, we got used to the funniness of it and were able to keep a straight face.
  • Maybe that's the point and it's supposed to be part of the funniness, or maybe there's some little detail from near the beginning that you're supposed to have memorised, but for me it spoiled an otherwise cracking good book.

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