Definition of furious in English:


Line breaks: furi|ous
Pronunciation: /ˈfjʊərɪəs


1Extremely angry: he was furious when he learned about it
More example sentences
  • Critics of fish farming are furious at what they consider to be an attempt to hoodwink the public.
  • Linda Bennet is not the only one to be furious at the continuing loss of trees in Bexley and particularly Welling.
  • A new home owner furious at faults with the construction has put up a warning notice to other potential buyers.
enraged, raging, infuriated, very angry, inflamed, incandescent, fuming, boiling, seething, incensed, irate, frenzied, in a frenzy, raving mad, mad, maddened, ranting, raving, wrathful, in a temper, beside oneself;
in high dudgeon, indignant, outraged
North American informal sore, bent out of shape, soreheaded
Australian/New Zealand informal ropeable, snaky, crook
West Indian informal vex
British informal , dated in a bate
literary ireful, wroth
2Full of anger or energy; violent or intense: he drove at a furious speed
More example sentences
  • I needed to pace for a few minutes in order to get rid of some of the furious energy.
  • Are there really two distinct things operating in Medea, her plans and her furious anger?
  • A furious Victor stormed back out of the Diary Room to square up to her and had to be restrained by Stuart.
intense, vehement, unrestrained;
heated, hot, passionate, fiery, ‘lively’;
blustery, gusty, gusting, windy, squally, rough, raging, howling, roaring, foul, filthy, dirty, nasty


late Middle English: from Old French furieus, from Latin furiosus, from furia 'fury'.



More example sentences
  • I grab the Union Jack flag which had been put on board for the return ceremony, open my window and wave it furiously.
  • Canoeists jumped into lorry tyre inner tubes and paddled furiously down the River Thames for charity.
  • Daum furiously denied the allegations and agreed to a hair sample test.


More example sentences
  • Marius grunted which Erika interpreted as his way of showing his agreement but in actuality it was his way of showing his furiousness.
  • That furiousness continued on the whole next day and into the night.
  • He throws the microphone down with furiousness and sits down in his chair without another word.

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