There are 2 main definitions of gag in English:

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gag 1

Line breaks: gag


1A piece of cloth put in or over a person’s mouth to prevent them from speaking: they tied him up and put a gag in his mouth
More example sentences
  • A cloth gag was put over his mouth to stop him from speaking.
  • She tried to scream, but the gag prevented it once again.
  • To her immense satisfaction, the gag did nothing to prevent the volume of her yelling, only muffled and garbled it.
muzzle, tie, restraint
1.1A restriction on dissemination of information: every contract contains a self-signed gag
More example sentences
  • Tim the Rev had picked up on the notion that the codification is intended to put a political gag on charities, and Peter said that the draft legislation had no such intent.
  • The government's official gag on further public discussion of the principal's death only adds to the impression that this is not an isolated case.
  • However, the latest gag prevents users from discussing any aspect of the program.
2A device for keeping the patient’s mouth open during a dental or surgical operation.
Example sentences
  • He or she preps the neonate's face and mouth and also the mouth gag in a circular manner, proceeding from the incision line circumferentially outward.

verb (gags, gagging, gagged)

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1 [with object] Put a gag on (someone): she was bound and gagged by robbers
More example sentences
  • Detectives were today hunting an armed gang who bound and gagged a couple before stealing a large amount of cash.
  • Three men from the crew lurched forward, bounding and gagging the man tightly.
  • A postmaster bound and gagged by two masked robbers during a dawn raid on his village store has told police he wants to quit his job.
stop up, block, plug, clog, stifle, smother, muffle;
put a gag on, silence, hush, quiet
1.1Prevent (someone) from speaking freely or disseminating information: the government is trying to gag its critics
More example sentences
  • This is just an attempt to gag me and stop me from doing my job on behalf of the ratepayers of Manukau City.
  • He said, you know, ultimately, I think there is something here and so I'm going to gag Michael with respect to the information that he has.
  • The London High Court made an order gagging the researcher from disclosing court testimony about his research into PIN number security.
2 [no object] Choke or retch: he gagged on the wine (as adjective gagging) Angela made a gagging noise
More example sentences
  • But there's somebody who either gagged on a spoon, or somebody was choking on a fork, or somebody stuck something too far in the back of their throat.
  • Anyway, I returned to my room, and gagged on the ferocious stench.
  • I'd gone outside to have a cigarette in the morning and gagged on my smoke.
retch, heave, dry-heave, convulse, almost vomit, feel nauseous;
choke, gasp, struggle for breath, fight for air
informal keck
3 (be gagging for) informal, chiefly British Be very eager to have or do (something): I’m absolutely gagging for a pint we’ll be sitting in front of the TV at five to seven next Saturday evening, gagging for the next instalment
More example sentences
  • I'm gagging for the next episode.
  • It also looks wonderful, and if you like wine, you'll be gagging for a glass by the end!
  • Once you smell the hops and barley cooking in the mash tuns, or whatever brewers do, you'll be gagging for a pint of the finished product.


Middle English: perhaps related to Old Norse gagháls 'with the neck thrown back', or imitative of a person choking.

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There are 2 main definitions of gag in English:

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gag 2 Line breaks: gag


A joke or an amusing story, especially one forming part of a comedian’s act or in a film: films that goad audiences into laughing at the most tasteless of gags
More example sentences
  • We're looking for jokes, gags, funny stories, pictures, whatever, but they must be your original work.
  • One of the film's funniest jokes is a running gag involving a car radio stuck on a 1980s soft rock revival station.
  • Bearing in mind the other critical sin of giving away some of the best puns and visual gags in film history to readers who may not have seen them, all I will say is that the answer is yes, a thousand times yes.
joke, jest, witticism, quip, pun, play on words, double entendre, funny remark, witty remark;
flash of wit, rejoinder, sally;
French bon mot
informal crack, wisecrack, one-liner, funny, comeback


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Tell jokes: they gagged about their sexual problems


Mid 19th century (originally theatrical slang): of unknown origin.

Definition of gag in:
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