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Line breaks: geol|ogy
Pronunciation: /dʒɪˈɒlədʒi


[mass noun]
1The science which deals with the physical structure and substance of the earth, their history, and the processes which act on them.
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  • Physical sciences, particularly earth sciences such as geology and hydrology, are popular subjects for study and research in Oman's university.
  • The country has produced important work in biology, medicine, geology, mathematics, physics, genetics, psychology, and anthropology.
  • John, who left school at 16, learned in early March that he would receive his BSc degree in geology and earth sciences just a month before 25-year-old Alyson's own graduation.
1.1The geological features of a district: the geology of the Outer Hebrides
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  • I have tried to cover the basic geology and mineralogy of the district and hit a few of the district's highlights.
  • Some of this stems from a poor understanding of wetland geology and what wetland landforms are.
  • The details of regional geology together with extensional folds in the Alasehir graben are enough to refute a short lived contractional tectonics in late Miocene to Pliocene in western Turkey.
1.2The geological features of a planetary body: an article on the Moon’s geology
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  • The seven science instruments on the piano-sized probe would shed light on the bodies' surface properties, geology, interior makeup and atmospheres.
  • Paper-based fieldwork methods have made fundamental contributions to our current state of knowledge of the Earth's surface and subsurface geology.
  • These use remote sensing and instruments that can scratch away surfaces to analyse the geology of the Red Planet.


late 18th century: from modern Latin geologia, from Greek 'earth' + -logia (see -logy).



Pronunciation: /dʒiːəˈlɒdʒɪk/
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  • Water release from volcanic eruptions through geologic time has produced the Earth's oceans and atmosphere.
  • The book also provides a geologic overview of Wyoming, stressing the uplifted mountainous areas of the state.
  • This is the first map of Wadi Sikait to combine topographic and geologic information, and also to show the distribution of ancient mine workings.


Pronunciation: /dʒiːəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/
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  • There is no stratigraphic or other geological evidence here for a break between the two volcanic episodes.
  • It is noteworthy that this map closely matches the petrographic contours of the geological map.
  • We then present new geological and geomorphological data from the eastern tip of the fault.


Pronunciation: /dʒiːəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)li/
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  • The proposed names for six geologically distinct terranes are given, and events are listed in chronological order.
  • Geothermal energy can be harnessed from the Earth's natural heat associated with active volcanoes or geologically young inactive volcanoes still giving off heat at depth.
  • The net effect of plate-tectonics forces acting on this geologically complicated region is to squeeze parts of Asia eastward toward the Pacific Ocean.


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  • Canadian geologists are contributing a broad Earth science approach to an ever-widening list of needs.
  • Modeling is not necessary for most practical questions that a petroleum geologist is concerned with in a study of diagenesis.
  • Wetlands have not gained as much attention as they ought to by geologists despite being so prevalent in the Canadian landscape.


(also geologise) verb
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  • It was the only day on Scott's final arduous march homewards from the pole that they were to devote to ‘geologizing.’
  • The problem of doing on-the-spot lunar geologising in an efficient way awaited the electric Rover.
  • It's great to finally be working back in Appalachia after 25 years of geologizing in so many other parts of the world.

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