There are 2 definitions of glad in English:


Line breaks: glad
Pronunciation: /ɡlad

adjective (gladder, gladdest)

1Feeling pleasure or happiness: [with infinitive]: I’m really glad to hear that [with clause]: he was glad that Phyllis was gone
More example sentences
  • Working with such great folks, from our authors to the other editors to all the readers, is a true pleasure and I'm glad to have been given the opportunity.
  • He was glad to hear complains about the perfect Sabina.
  • I am so glad people are finding pleasure from what I have accomplished.
pleased, happy, delighted, as pleased as Punch, well pleased, thrilled, overjoyed, cock-a-hoop, elated, like a dog with two tails, like a child with a new toy, gleeful; satisfied, contented, gratified, grateful, thankful; Frenchenchanté
informal tickled pink, over the moon, as happy as Larry
British informal chuffed
Northern English informal made up
North American informal as happy as a clam
Australian informal wrapped
humorous gruntled
more than willing, eager, happy, pleased, delighted; ready, prepared, nothing loath
informal game
1.1 [attributive] Causing happiness: glad tidings
More example sentences
  • But when he returned to his room to give his other half the glad tidings, the housekeeper, who was listening to the story, interrupted to tell them that she knew of plenty of empty rooms.
  • In other news, I went back to work for a few hours, sharing the glad tidings with my coworkers in such detail that one of my students asked me if someone had had a baby.
  • About mid-morning the London agent handling the new flat woke up and gave us the glad tidings that the rental will be available from tomorrow afternoon.
1.2Grateful: she was glad of Hank’s lively company
More example sentences
  • The two intrepid cyclists would be very glad of sponsorship.
  • There's a snowball fight in the street out front, and I'm very glad of my flasks of soup.
  • He gathered his cloak about him and settled himself on the sheepskin that padded the saddle, and was very glad of that, too.
1.3 [with infinitive] Willing and eager (to do something): he will be glad to carry your bags
More example sentences
  • We are glad to help make these decisions the best that can be made.
  • ‘And we're always glad to welcome new members as well,’ he said.
  • And we're glad to welcome him to do that, and we'll be right back after this.

verb (glads, gladding, gladded)

[with object] literary Back to top  
Make happy; please: Albion’s lessening shore could grieve or glad mine eye
More example sentences
  • We had no choice but to huddle in close physical proximity - a condition, I fear, that gladded my heart considerably more than it did his.


Old English glæd (originally in the sense 'bright, shining'), of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse glathr 'bright, joyous' and German glatt 'smooth', also to Latin glaber 'smooth, hairless'.


give someone the glad eye

informal , dated Look at someone in a flirtatious way.
More example sentences
  • Being somewhat drunk yourself, you give her the glad eye but it is met with a steely glare.
  • Well, the smooching was only between Karen and I, Daniel was on his own although the waitress gave him the glad eye!
  • There appeared a large French Poodle - a lady dog - evidently an old flame: the Alsatian paused and the poodle gave him the glad eye.



More example sentences
  • May the Gods fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
  • Casey wasn't sure if it was amusement of gladness to see her.
  • Yellow roses, which today signify joy and gladness, traditionally meant a decrease in love, but can mean ‘I love you, but I fear you don't love me.’

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There are 2 definitions of glad in English:


Line breaks: glad
Pronunciation: /ɡlad
(also gladdie)


A gladiolus.
More example sentences
  • The major insect pest of glads is the gladiolus thrip.
  • If we northerners are willing to dig our glads and cannas and store them in the basement or garage, why not do the same with Acidanthera, Bletilla and Galtonia?
  • Bulbs that have their own protective tunics, such as glads and crocosmias, can be stored in baskets, boxes, or mesh bags.


1920s: abbreviation.

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