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Line breaks: glassy
Pronunciation: /ˈglɑːsi

adjective (glassier, glassiest)

  • 1Of or resembling glass.
  • 1.1Having the physical properties of glass; vitreous: glassy lavas
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    • Volcanoes of the western Hungarian volcanic field also consistently comprise basal glassy pyroclastic units overlain by lavas that cap buttes.
    • The outer selvages are glassy and the interior tends to be vesicular under low-water pressures.
    • Black, glassy metamict material from each of these locations has historically been referred to as samarskite.
  • 1.2(Of water) having a smooth surface: the glassy grey surface of the lake
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    • The clear sky was a startling pink colour, and, as there was not a breath of wind, the glassy surface of the water shone with the same beautiful hue.
    • The winter offers still glassy waters with pink morning skies reflected on their surface.
    • Rafts of puffins and guillemots bobbed on the glassy surface of the water, and I decided to stay here until we passed the bows of the Inverlane.
    smooth, mirror-like, glass-like, gleaming, shining, shiny, sheeny, glossy, polished; slippery, slick, icy, ice-covered; clear, crystal clear, transparent, translucent, limpid, pellucid; calm, still, flat, unruffled, even, waveless, like a millpond
    informal slippy
    technical vitreous, hyaloid
  • 1.3(Of sound) resembling the sharp noise made when glass is struck: a glassy clink
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    • It's not a major drawback since the notes generally come through clearly and realistically, but in louder passages the upper register has a bit of a metallic or glassy sound.
    • Sonics are excellent, although higher notes occasionally have a glassy sound.
    • My only complaint is that the upper register of the piano sounds unfortunately glassy.


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  • (also glassie) dialect A glass marble.
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    • Years ago, kids used the alleys to play ‘glassies.’
    • They came in a wide range of qualities: common clays, painted clays, glassies, aggies and even ball bearings.



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  • It's not even as if the band is deafening, but everyone's just staring glassily into the middle distance.
  • The former dictator, a palace-dwelling billionaire, was the picture of bedraggled abjectness: mouth forced open, eyes staring glassily.
  • His face was white, drained, and his eyes stared glassily.


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  • It's a haunting reverberant sound that, in spite of its cool digital sheen and glassiness, feels natural and inviting.
  • The lustre of inquiring glance faded swiftly into vacant glassiness.
  • The glassiness was quickly disappearing and the usual gleam was returning.

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