Definition of glaze in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɡleɪz/


[with object]
1Fit panes of glass into (a window or door frame or similar structure): windows can be glazed using laminated glass
More example sentences
  • The windows were glazed, but the glass was so distorted they let light pass but it was impossible to actually see anything through them, from the inside or the outside.
  • Two of the dual glazed windows in my home have become foggy because of condensed moisture between the panes.
  • Zelda built an extremely elaborate doll's house for Scottie, which she painted, wallpapered, and furnished, even going so far as to glaze the windows.
1.1Enclose or cover with glass: the verandas were glazed in
More example sentences
  • Upstairs, etched glass light wells diffuse luminance into the restaurant and glazed screens enclose private rooms.
  • The long, glazed facade provides uninterrupted views of the track and city skyline beyond.
  • Two three-storey blocks of offices flank a central glazed atrium.
2Overlay or cover (food, fabric, etc.) with a smooth, shiny coating or finish: new potatoes which had been glazed in mint-flavoured butter
More example sentences
  • The crockery is fired and glazed earthenware and the cutlery an inexpensive style.
  • The kiln that glazed them must have been the size of a bus.
  • The second evening will involve painting and glazing the pottery piece.
varnish, enamel, lacquer, japan, shellac, paint, coat;
gloss, make shiny
cover, coat;
ice, frost
3 [no object] Lose brightness and animation: the prospect makes my eyes glaze over with boredom (as adjective glazed) she had a glazed look in her eyes
More example sentences
  • Here, my eyes would glaze over as I flash backed to the summer I spent putting little purple microdot tabs of mescaline in my mouth, waiting for that hallucinatory high.
  • But tell me, are your eyes starting to glaze over?
  • Before your eyes glaze over and you run screaming to the mall, $4.50 latte in hand, think for a moment about how you will pay your bills when your career ends.
become glassy, grow expressionless, go blank, be motionless;
mist over, film over


1A vitreous substance fused on to the surface of pottery to form an impervious decorative coating.
Example sentences
  • People learn how to hand decorate a collection of unglazed pottery with water-based glazes.
  • My new pots are clay and are finished with a decorative glaze.
  • Strontium sulfate is sometimes used to produce iridescence in glass and pottery glazes, and can also be used as a fining agent (to remove bubbles in the molten glass) in crystal glass.
varnish, enamel, lacquer, finish, coating;
lustre, shine, gloss
1.1A smooth, shiny surface formed on pottery by glazing: the glaze of the white cups
More example sentences
  • The scabbard was decorated with patterns much similar to that of the hilt, and was enameled in a smooth glaze.
  • He made a number of vases with opaque white glazes applied over mat green, blue, and white glazes.
  • It is then fabric-painted and polished to give it a glaze before being fixed on the base object.
1.2 Art A thin topcoat of transparent paint used to modify the tone of an underlying colour.
Example sentences
  • When used in media such as egg tempera these pigments are insufficiently transparent to make true glazes.
  • Apply the crackle glaze at the thickness that worked best for you when you did your test samples.
  • I use wax to then apply a gloss glaze over an area in a different manner.
2A liquid such as milk or beaten egg used to form a smooth, shiny coating on food: brush the cake with an apricot glaze
More example sentences
  • Succulent beef was grilled and marinated in a spicy glaze then tossed with hot chilies, fresh cilantro leaves, and cooling slices of cucumbers.
  • Lobster bisque is solid, but the lobster roll is mushy, gaining zippola from a pepper glaze.
  • Use a spoon to spread a little glaze on each bun, in the shape of a cross.
coating, topping;
icing, frosting
3North American A thin, glassy coating of ice on the ground or water.
Example sentences
  • There may be a thin glaze of ice where water is standing.
  • Today there's a glaze of ice underneath most sections and a fresh inch or so of snow on top.
  • After about a mile I kinked down to cross the Seven where there's a good, arched bridge and where the river, flowing through fields of virgin snow, was trimmed with a glaze of grey translucent ice.



Pronunciation: /ˈɡleɪzə/
Example sentences
  • This iron consists of a projecting portion having a face of suitable shape and size for use as a glazer or burnisher.
  • It's an interesting idea as the glazer makes the surface a lot smoother, almost like ice.


Pronunciation: /ˈɡleɪzi/
Example sentences
  • His hair was a big yellow mess, his eyes glazy and bloodshot, one shirtsleeve was rolled up, the other down and unbuttoned.
  • And everything made of dreamy, glazy glass so warm to touch and so impossible to shatter.
  • Everyone, worried, shot their quizzical looks at one another, staring miserably at each dank spaces that invaded their glazy eyes.


Late Middle English glase, from glass.

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