Definition of glug in English:


Line breaks: glug
Pronunciation: /ɡlʌɡ

verb (glugs, glugging, glugged)

[with object and adverbial of direction]
1Pour or drink (liquid) with a hollow gurgling sound: Jeff glugged whisky into glasses
More example sentences
  • By the time we got there I was completely plastered, but in an attempt to maintain the spirit of my recent life, I continued drinking, pausing only to glug some water when I thought I might vomit.
  • ‘I advise people to pay attention to their own thirst, rather than trying to glug back eight glasses of water a day,’ she says.
  • But the waiter just glugged some extra wine into the glass, to little effect.
1.1 [no object, with adverbial of direction] (Of liquid) make a hollow gurgling sound when being poured or drunk: the gin glugs out of the bottle
More example sentences
  • There is a whiff of conspiracy in the air and it reeks pungently of Chardonnay glugging down the plug hole and just a dash of carpet-trampled kettle chips.
  • He continued to stare as the bottle's contents glugged into a crystal goblet, dusting the air with intoxicating fruit.
  • There was a flowing, rushing sound of liquid glugging out of a bottle, hitting ice.


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1A hollow gurgling sound or sounds as of liquid being poured from a bottle: he sinks at once, making a sound like glug-glug as he goes down
More example sentences
  • Later, tucked up in our tents, we are lulled by the feint glug and gurgle of the Katherine River.
  • Instead of a glug or a gurgle that would normally be heard, there was kind of a… plop.
  • Turn the full bottle over the pot, and when you hear the first glug, stop pouring.
1.1An amount of liquid poured from a bottle: a couple of good glugs of gin
More example sentences
  • Or, take the first one, omit the Root Beer, add some of that Dr. K (I think that's what it's called) and a couple glugs of Red Cream Soda.
  • Nigel promised crisp bacon and breadcrumbs would work brilliantly with long strings of pasta, with a final few glugs of oil (olive, not motor) being lubricant enough.
  • Mix again, and loosen it with several glugs of pasta water, added gradually.


late 17th century: imitative.



adjective ( informal )
More example sentences
  • Recognising the huge international market for Germany's easy-drinking, gluggable white wine, Sohne developed a label that would stand out from the complicated gothic creations so popular with German winemakers.
  • Instead, look for inexpensive and inexhaustibly gluggable palate and pocket pleasers that can adapt to either sun-soaked barbecues or goose-pimpled picnics.
  • Most Cotes du Rhone are gluggable wines made from vines grown on the flat and arid land of the southern Rhone.

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