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Line breaks: hairy
Pronunciation: /ˈhɛːri

Definition of hairy in English:

adjective (hairier, hairiest)

1Covered with hair: a hairy chest
More example sentences
  • The sweet-looking, big-eyed Stevie is now hairy and muscular, covered in tattoos, and boasts a long rap sheet.
  • All around the pedestal, black tentacles grew of the mist, thick and hairy, their undersides covered with tiny snapping jaws.
  • Plant surfaces have a wide range of textures: they may be smooth, hairy, and covered with waxes or with moist secretions.
hirsute, shaggy, bushy, hair-covered, long-haired;
woolly, furry, fleecy, fuzzy;
technical pilose, pileous, pappose
1.1Having a rough feel or appearance suggestive of coarse hair: a hairy tweed coat and skirt
More example sentences
  • Her rough, slightly hairy skin bristles beneath my touch.
  • The thick, hairy appearance of the spider's pedipalps - its frontmost appendages - indicated it was a male.
  • He shuddered and pushed himself lower among the rough, hairy blankets.
2 informal Alarming and difficult: we drove up yet another hairy mountain road
More example sentences
  • Eventually (due to a massive diversion along some hairy country roads, and some cows crossing) we arrive at our destination.
  • Bumper to bumper we proceeded, the road narrowed and things became hairy.
  • Avoiding the cab tout trap, we take a short and hairy bus ride.
tricky, ticklish, difficult, awkward, uncertain, unpredictable, precarious;
Scottish unchancy
informal chancy, dicey, sticky, iffy
British informal dodgy
North American informal gnarly
archaic or humorous parlous


give someone the hairy eyeball




Example sentences
  • The cars, loaded to road-scraping lowness under stacked roof-racks, overtook us hairily.
  • She makes him a hugely, hairily captivating figure, but the personification of the monk as a beautiful woman adds a gratuitous erotic element.
  • Far worse was being confronted with a live specimen, which sat hairily and heavily on my palm.


Example sentences
  • As a young man I observed extreme hairiness on older people (mainly men) but didn't realise it might happen to me in time.
  • It's surprising how many people are unaccustomed to hairiness.
  • A full description makes you take things more slowly: count stamens, measure sepals, check smoothness or hairiness and so on.

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