Definition of halfway in English:

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Pronunciation: /hɑːfˈweɪ/
Pronunciation: /ˈhɑːfweɪ/

adverb& adjective

1At or to a point equidistant between two others: [as adverb]: he stopped halfway down the passage [as adjective]: during the night we passed Kingoonya, the halfway mark
More example sentences
  • It would easily take a week, if they had no problems, to climb those mountains and reach a halfway mark.
  • It was about when she reached the halfway mark between the store and dumpsters that she heard the low rumble of a souped engine roar.
  • I'm past the halfway mark, it's going to be finished and I am going to get out!
midway, middle, mid, central, centre, intermediate, equidistant between two points;
mean, median, average
technical medial, mesial
rare intermedial
midway, at the mid point, in the middle, in the centre;
to the middle, to the mid point;
part of the way, at some point, part way
1.1In the middle of a period of time: [as adverb]: halfway through the night
More example sentences
  • So anyone can see why my attention was dwindling about halfway through first period.
  • It took them until halfway through the second period to click back into gear.
  • Try and do this halfway through the revision period, the sleepover can be a mixture of work and fun.
1.2 [as adverb] To some extent: I’m incapable of doing anything even halfway decent
More example sentences
  • A couple of halfway decent, if rather weedy, hits would see us within chipping distance, so we went for it.
  • At this point she started to reach for anything to say, but then, she got a halfway decent idea.
  • Like any halfway decent hero, Kingstone's looking out for the little guy - sort of.
to some extent/degree, to a certain extent/degree, in some measure, rather, relatively, comparatively, moderately, cautiously, somewhat, (up) to a point;
in part, partly, part, just about, almost, nearly
informal ish

Words that rhyme with halfway

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